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    Sold. XPCamper V1, 2011 Ford F350

    Sale pending. Will post when/if final.
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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    I'm too old to figure out how to quote someone's post, but I think BritKLR is right on the money about having a discussion thread that could help an overland business recognize and solve business model/financial problems. I think there should be classes and forums at Overland Expo on the topic...
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    Sold. XPCamper V1, 2011 Ford F350

    Nothing too special for the pooch. She gets a harness and seatbelt as well the platform and bed in the photos. Some answers: The mattress is about 3" and there are Froli springs beneath. It's what came from XP and is on the firmer side (our preference). Others have replaced the low profile...
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    Sold. XPCamper V1, 2011 Ford F350

    Hi folks, I’ve received a number of inquiries about purchasing the V1 camper without the truck. We get it. When we bought the V1 we looked hard at what truck we wanted. We needed a backseat as the dog always travels with us. We wanted an extended cab instead of a crew cab to keep wheelbase as...
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    Sold. XPCamper V1, 2011 Ford F350

    Thanks, Doug. It was a tough decision to put it up for sale. Glad to hear you got a good feeling from the new XP folks.
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    Sold. XPCamper V1, 2011 Ford F350

    Hopefully a couple photos.
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    Sold. XPCamper V1, 2011 Ford F350

    Working on pic's. XP is back in business minus Marc. Jon Turner and others have it back up and running in Colfax Ca, near Grass Valley where it used to be. The new company, currently/temporarily calling themselves BeChange has just gotten on their feet. Some of us are sad to see Marc no longer a...
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    Sold. XPCamper V1, 2011 Ford F350

    Selling our 2012 XPCamper V1 and 2011 Ford F350. We've enjoyed every minute of owning and using it but life changes mean we won't be able to use it often and it deserves to travel. The truck is a 2011 F350 Lariat 6.7 diesel (nav, heated/cooled leather seats etc.), extended cab, 4x4 SRW. It has...
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    Costco Deal - ExOfficio Boxer Briefs

    Costco (at least in San Dimas, Ca.) has 3-packs of ExOfficio Boxer Briefs for $24. Still high for underwear, but 1/3 the regular price.
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    Froli "Travel" versus Froli "Star"?

    We have the shorter 'travel' springs in our camper and are very happy with them. We have a lower end foam mattress that's about 3" thick and find the combination more comfortable than being at home. It's possible for me to "bottom out" the springs, but not easy. I'm 195 and putting all my weight...
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    XPCamper and GVWR

    Indeed. The Northstar camper with water weigh 1750# minimum (excluding options, food, clothing, gear etc.). Adult refreshments alone would put me well over 1800 (which aren't optional).
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    2001 25' Xplorer Xcursion Dodge 4x4 5.9L Cummins turbo - VERY Rare. Can go ANYWHERE !

    Congrats! That looks like a great platform. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
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    Need suggestions for a custom black water tank

    I like the concept, but 10 GPM is a lot of flow. Often pumps at or over 5 GPM are listed as wash down pumps, suggesting they have a bit of pressure through a garden hose. I'm not sure you could discharge that into a toilet without significant clean up from splash. If your plan comes to fruition...