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    Costco Deal - ExOfficio Boxer Briefs

    Costco (at least in San Dimas, Ca.) has 3-packs of ExOfficio Boxer Briefs for $24. Still high for underwear, but 1/3 the regular price.
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    Froli "Travel" versus Froli "Star"?

    We have the shorter 'travel' springs in our camper and are very happy with them. We have a lower end foam mattress that's about 3" thick and find the combination more comfortable than being at home. It's possible for me to "bottom out" the springs, but not easy. I'm 195 and putting all my weight...
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    XPCamper and GVWR

    Indeed. The Northstar camper with water weigh 1750# minimum (excluding options, food, clothing, gear etc.). Adult refreshments alone would put me well over 1800 (which aren't optional).
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    2001 25' Xplorer Xcursion Dodge 4x4 5.9L Cummins turbo - VERY Rare. Can go ANYWHERE !

    Congrats! That looks like a great platform. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
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    Need suggestions for a custom black water tank

    I like the concept, but 10 GPM is a lot of flow. Often pumps at or over 5 GPM are listed as wash down pumps, suggesting they have a bit of pressure through a garden hose. I'm not sure you could discharge that into a toilet without significant clean up from splash. If your plan comes to fruition...
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    XP Camper V1 , Experience, thoughts???

    I can add another endorsement for the V1. We've had ours for about 3 years and love it. We went through a variety of travel/RV combinations before biting the bullet and getting the XP. From a Jeep and off-road trailer (love them and still use them) to a 37' fifth wheel (loved being in it but...
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    Insurance for custom expedition rigs

    And you might try through Good Sam.
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    7.3 Ford with a Grandby in SoCal

    7.3 Ford with a Grandby someone may like and a Powerwagon ambulance just 'cause I like 'em.
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    Partner stove stuff

    I'll send you a PM re: the lid.
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    Diesel News: POST HERE

    I've also wondered why some of the high MPG diesels don't seem to make it to the US. A while back one of the soon to be released manufacturers (Elio motors, IIRC) had wanted to use a tiny diesel in their then-planned 180+ MPG hybrid. They had a perfect motor but California EPA wouldn't approve...
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    Picky Rving

    I think a visit to Marc at XPCamper would be worthwhile for you. My wife and I were never interested in a 'truck camper' until we saw the V1 (we own one now). The V4 seems like it's evolving and could meet your needs. By your criteria you're looking for an off road capable vehicle and the...
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    My XP V1 Shakedown Thread

    Freebird, I'm a new-ish owner of an XP V-1 we bought used from Marc. Ours was built in 2012 before Marc did fiberglass in-house so it has a lower door that doesn't quite seal completely. We've spend much of our time with it bouncing around the Mojave desert. The inside stays really clean while...
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    Sportsmobile vs. XP Camper -- Why the XP Camper Won For Us

    If you're looking for good long-term feedback on an XP camper look at if you haven't already. They've been on the road for over a year now. It's a fun read with lots of good XP feedback mixed in. There are a couple other blogs out there from XP owners but theirs probably...
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    Warn Powerplant issue

    This is an old thread but I wanted to share a recent experience with my Powerplant. I bought it in 2009 and used the winch once to re-spool under some load. I've used the compressor a couple times per month airing up and found it similar in ability and speed to friends York/Kilby systems. I...