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    Wildlife Photography

    I recently spent a few days in Newfoundland and found some foxes and a few gannets
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    Random dog shots

    Sled dogs from Greenland
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    Long road to nowhere.

    Pucker Pass!
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    Wildlife Photography

    So was I. Graduated from U of E many years ago We didn't see eagles in Indiana years ago, did we? Here's another Hoosier eagle
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    Wildlife Photography

    A couple eagles from Indiana and the Wabash River north of Terre Haute - morning of July 4th, 2018
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    The black and white thread (film or digital)

    Some great B&Ws on this thread How about some wildlife in B&W ?
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    Lens recommendation for Hiking

    Hi Vicreo, Most of the images I posted in the Wildlife thread here on Expedition Portal were shot with the latest Canon mount Tamron 150-600mm Di VC USD G2 zoom lens on a Canon 7D Mk II body (usually). The Tamron 150-600 is not a perfect lens, but it is sharp if used carefully with long...
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    Wildlife Photography

    Thanks grogie! Lots of covered bridges in west central Indiana, that's for sure. I like them best when they're snow covered.
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    Order of Operations (What should I buy first?)

    You didn't discuss your budget, and that may make a difference. For landscapes you will want a full frame body. F2.8 lenses are nice ( and I own several ) but they are expensive, large, and heavy. If you are going to shoot starshots then get the f2.8 or even the f1.4 versions of the lenses...
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    Random Scenic Shots

    That tree in Yelllowstone National Park
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    Wildlife Photography

    No instagram account I'm afraid. Thanks for the kind words. Just my old shoebox of stuff I've been doing, mostly since I quit working Most of my images are somewhere at ( just like your images are on smugmug I see as well ) My wildlife images are either under...
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    Lens recommendation for Hiking

    For MFT, Panasonic offers a 14-140 f3.5-5.6 ( with is a 28-280mm equivalent ) that is reasonably small and a wee bit cheaper than the Tamron 16-300 that I like so well. The Panny 14-140 may be just a tiny bit smaller, and it is nice optically for a 10X zoom. I like the MFT systems, but I do...
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    Wildlife Photography

    A few frames from a recent trip to Yellowstone A sleeping red fox a hunting coyote a bighorn sheep in the meadow below the entrance gate at Gardiner some feeding wolves two young bulls testing their mettle I loved the bobcat pictures earlier
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    Convert slides to digital

    And for that same quarter you could go to a full length Saturday Matinee.... The trick to copying slides with a macro lens is good even consistent color temp illumination and some method of holding the camera and lens holder all still while you are working. I am a fan of VueScan software, I...
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    Lens recommendation for Hiking

    Happy to help. It is not a perfect lens for everything , but for many things and a walk around "only lens" tool, I really like it.