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    TeraFlex Jeep JL Wrangler 2.5 in lift kit 4DR (NIB)

    Item is located in San Diego. Brand new in the box TeraFlex Jeep JL Wrangler 2.5 in. Base Lift Kits 1354000 will not ship (due to weight) $500 picked up OBO
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    Tacoma DIY bed slide

    sorry, i never did finish the lock setup. sold the truck with it.
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    Tacoma DIY bed slide

    lol yep :D
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    Treadwright Remolded Tires

    i ran them on my old truck, never an issue. you may find some issues getting them mounted as some places wont mount a retread.
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    Satellite internet

    a 75cc dish and price. well, its for a nomadic service so 40gig a year is $3k lol
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    Importing a truck from Japan

    i have heard good things about these guys. never used as i dont have the money lol just remember, you can only import if its 25years or older. from japan, also check out Australia.
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    Crossroads - 2017 Toyota Hilux build

    damn, i wish i had a diesel lol. my aus 120l tank in my taco barly gets me 300 miles (482k) a tank lol
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    Made the investment to rebuild my shocks.

    nobody near you do rebuilds? I just had my rears revalved for 40 bucks lol
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    FS: San Diego: 5 FJ Trail Team wheels and 255/85r 16 tires mounted

    just removed from my truck, went to a larger setup. the FJ Trail Team are clones but have held up amazing. tires have good trad left. spare tire is unused. tires are dick cepek Extreme country wheels are 6lug $800 picked up obo located in the Mira Mesa area.
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    Where to mount a mppt solar controller?

    I love it. can be at 1bar with internet barely working, switch it on, and have full bars and fast internet. i also upgraded the antenna to the larger 14" setup.
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    Where to mount a mppt solar controller?

    heres mine, mounted behind the rear seats along with other ****. now that its all mounted i need to make a proper panel, cover it with fabric then mount and rewire it, as i dont think i need to add anything more lol
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    Satellite internet

    I use the viasat nomadic service, i get 15down and 5up. its not cheap though lol. fast internet anywhere isnt going to be cheap
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    Difference between Hilux & Tacoma

    i want my 5 min back. worthless video is worthless lol
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    FS: San Diego: 1 new Toyo MT 255/85R16

    FS: San Diego: 1 new Toyo MT 255/85R16 $150 picked up (no shipping)
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    When did this 'shop won't touch a tire over 4yrs old' stuff start?

    you can thank all the people that sued them for doing it. I would be fine with a "here sign this waiver stating you knew the risk"