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    Maintaining a small prairie remnant in southeastern Wisconsin

    Fantastic! I was just sent here by a buddy. This botanist approves. Great effort. If I lived closer I would offer to help with the weed removal.
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    Have you made your own DIY propane hose for a camp stove?

    Geez, I didn't realize who made this post. My apologies Ash. Go to Action Hose on Stanford, off Candelaria. They should be able to set you up.
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    Have you made your own DIY propane hose for a camp stove?

    Getting it made with a longer hose should not be a problem. Any hose shop should be able to cut the ferrules off the fitting, and the regulator, and install new ferrules with the hose length of your choice. I just had my Partner Steel stove hose lengthened. Different deal, but same idea.
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    Garmin Overlander

    Excellent. When I'm out my inReach tracking is on all the time. I never turn it off, so having the Overlander turn it on and off via Track Recorder won't work for me. Like I said, though, I have the inReach sync'd to my phone, so this isn't an issue. I will look at Travel History. I'm not sure I...
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    Garmin Overlander

    I've been using the Explore website for several years with my inReach. I have no idea how it will handle the Overlander, yet. I can say I do not like the Library Collections of my tracks. For some reason, I just don't get it. Basecamp makes sense to me, so I will probably keep using that. Unlike...
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    Garmin Overlander

    Well, I missed the $100 off sale a few months back. I decided I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. I finally made the purchase. Background ... I currently use a GPSMAP 64st, an inReach SE+, and a Samsung Tab A (2017) tablet. My thought was to consolidate the Tablet and the 64st. I use...
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    270 vs Standard Awning

    A wise buddy said once that "you can never have enough shade in the desert." As a desert boy this was a very profound statement that had occurred to be, but never articulated. I ran an ARB awning for a few years. In the desert it was never enough, and I had camo netting that I draped off the...
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    Partner stove mod.. piezo ignition

    I can tip the grill/burner back and still clean it. I don't need to take it out. And if I did, the connector off the end of the push-button is easy to remove.
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    Rhino-Rack BatWing Review/Write Up

    I did. I contacted the folks at Rhino-Rack. Their answer was: "Thank you for contacting Rhino Rack. I apologize for any confusion, this will only work on the Left hand. I will work to get that fixed on the compatibility." They suggested the Tapered Zip Extension, part 31112.
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    Namibia in a 4x4 rental

    Just give us a chat about the Skeleton Coast.
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    Namibia in a 4x4 rental

    Ugh, I want to go. More please!!!
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    Auto Home USA Supports the ExPo Community Forum!

    I'm 5'10" and have a Small XL. I can't imagine being comfortable in the standard length Columbus. Especially with a second person.
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    One-burner propane stove?

    I just use a Bakepacker if I want something like muffins. I made myself a blueberry muffin birthday cake in Baja for the big six-oh a few years ago. Ya, it's just a round mass instead of in fancy cups. But for camping, who cares? Just slice it up, slab on the butter, and dine.
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    Trasharoo alternatives

    That would be of value to me if it was smaller.
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    Trasharoo alternatives

    Cuz, it needs to be at least big enough for my solar shower and PETT toilet. Maybe next time I'm in Mesa I will chat with Will.