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    Proud new owner of this 300GD

    Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Proud new owner of this 300GD

    excellent...congratulations! If you have the time, could you post a description and/or photos of the soundproofing? Thanks!
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    Cross Country in the Van!!!

    excellent! looks like lotta fun...
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    Most durable watch ever? Victorinox INOX

    any opinions? "Picture a watch of unimaginable solidity, capable of withstanding a fall of 10 m, being repeatedly driven over by 64-ton tank, or spending two hours at 90° in a washing machine, as well as featuring a design that is sharp and...
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    Please go on - looking forward to reading and seeing pictures!
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    light and silence and the white-red

    Thank you very, very much for the wonderful photos!
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    Query Workshop in Nice - France?

    Try putting the question to the friends of the Mercedes G club in France: Alternatively this garage is specialised in old mercedes, mainly 1970-1990...and they are quite honest: They are based in Nice ( ask for Denis)...
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    My 1981 w460 300GD STT-turbo + intercooler

    indeed very nice - and do post photos of the finished product when you can... thanks!!
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    My 1981 w460 300GD STT-turbo + intercooler

    One additional question - did you install the plastic internal wheel arches protection? The one standard on W463s but not present on W460 and W461...
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    My 1981 w460 300GD STT-turbo + intercooler

    Thank you very, very much...very helpful indeed.... I need to tackle this, but might just wait until spring... Did you add carpeting at the end or you left the original gray rubber matting? And yes, i used to have until 2 years ago a 1967 230sl w113... Now i have the GD 290 (actually a Puch)...
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    My 1981 w460 300GD STT-turbo + intercooler

    Thank you Vegard - that would be excellent if you had pictures.. Indeed I have had 3 Gs: a W463 300TD LWB (year 2000), a W463 320cdi LWB (year 2009) and now a w461 GD290 (year 1994) - i am obviously not seeking to have the W461 as silent as the newer W463, that would be impossible - but a bit...
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    My 1981 w460 300GD STT-turbo + intercooler

    Please do! I am looking into options to soundproof the G, and any picture helps..... One question on rubber foam - isn't there a danger that it would retain water, and therefore facilitate the creation of rust? How much horsepower to you have now, with the STT turbo?
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    My 1981 w460 300GD STT-turbo + intercooler

    Excellent... Have you done any soundproofing? Any pictures of the inside? Vow, 95.000km in a year and a half in a G is quite a lot!
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    This European Life: an Open Travelogue

    whoa, sorry to hear and see that - metal gets repaired, the important part is that you are ok...destiny must have something positive out of this.. no hay mal que por bien no venga.. as they say.. good luck with the recovery!
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    Sourcing a G-Wagen

    1. on winter tyres: you can use them, but with heat and gravel they will consume themselves pretty fast - make sure you can easily get the right size of spare tyres in Rwanda, or just have 4 new BFG AT installed, and one spare, and you are set for 60.000km of gravel! 2.i would leave the tinted...