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    Toilet Paper transportation and dispensing

    Forget about TP altogether and bring a few sheets of paper towels. It's not like you're going to flush it anyway!
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    Kenwood Installation Cable extension question

    Now you made me go back and look at the cable I'm currently using between the display and the main unit... It's this one from Amazon: It's a flat cable, and from the looks of it I'm guessing each...
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    Kenwood Installation Cable extension question

    Haven't extended the cables, but I use a regular CAT6 between the control panel and the main radio unit. Found one on Amazon with a flat cable & a 90 degree angle on the control panel side, makes the cable a little less obtrusive. Have not noticed any problems.
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    Recommendations for off-road communications equipment or platforms?

    Options to consider include: A Garmin InReach - I like the Mini - for reaching out in case of emergency whether you're hiking or driving. It's also a great device for sharing your location with others using a password protected website. Requires a subscription. Those that you give access to...
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    Radio Comms - Multiple Sources (Beginner wanting to learn and get started)

    I use a Garmin Inreach Mini for emergency comms and for texting those that might be joining up with our group later. I'd imagine the spot can do the same thing, but I'm really happy with the Inreach for that purpose. As a bonus I also use it put down breadcrumbs. I figure my family can look...
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    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    @DaveInDenver RC-D710 is the front panel, right? Yes, I was indeed able to program channels as well as other settings using the Kenwood MCP-6A software with my ebay sourced cable connected to the front panel. I like the Kenwood software better than Chirp, although it is easier to get data in...
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    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    @SmoothLC I actually purchased a cable on ebay. Seller was bluemax49ers, and I paid $26.95. Works like a charm!
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    Kenwood TM-D710G Install - Advice?

    I can program my TM-D710 using the Kenwood software by plugging into the back of the head unit. If I want to use Chirp then I need to plug the cable into the main radio unit. Why the difference? I don't know, but I tend to use the Kenwood software.
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    Ham radio reboots when I start the engine

    I like the idea of adding a second battery, although I with your wiring you risk blowing a fuse if there's significant voltage difference between the local and starter batteries and you turn the key to the Accessory position. Most of the smaller batteries I've found are AGM, and from what...
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    New 2012 4Runner

    I use Gamviti's antenna brackets on my 4th gen 4Runner, they work well. They line up with existing bolts, so no drilling necessary and they fit nicely. Only drawback is they're not strong enough to support heavier antennas, my 3' Firestik wobbles a lot and looks like it will rip the bracket...
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    Ham radio reboots when I start the engine

    I have my TM-D710G wired directly to the battery like the manual says it should be, and I have a new battery in my 4Runner. Still, I find that that the radio reboots if I start the engine. I'm pretty sure the voltage drops when the starter is engaged. An obvious solution would be to install a...
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    Ok, school me on coms

    I suggested 2m/70cm because they're the most common mobile ham radios out there. Most repeaters are on those 2 bands as well, this is the way to reach farther than your radio can do on its own. I'm assuming you're looking for mobile communications because we're on If...
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    Ok, school me on coms

    To connect with your Dad 3-4 states away using a mobile rig you would be best off using a 2m/70cm mobile rig and rely on linked repeaters. You would be connecting to a repeater that is close to you and make this repeater link to a repeater that is close to your dad. There are multiple systems...
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    Handheld CB, Worth it?

    I started out with a Midland 75-822 + mag mount and it works well. If you're not happy with the mag mount, consider putting another NMO mount on a bracket with a PL 259 in the cab and you can use the same mount for either a CB antenna or an antenna for a second ham as needed.
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    Let me show you how little I know....

    I went down to visit the Ham Radio Outlet in Tigard, spent a bit of time talking to those who work there and played with the radios on display. The guys down there were really nice, no pressure. I didn't buy anything that day, but a couple of weeks later I called them with options in mind and...