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    6.0 EGR......Bulletproof or Delete?

    Weld in a block off plate that feeds the cooler. Cheaper and looks/scans/reads stock.
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    Small efficient overlander

    Just wish........? What?
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    Small efficient overlander

    I’ve had two friends CURSE their crosstreks and trade them in. Biggest complaint, cramped lack of room Andy lethargic power.
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    Small efficient overlander

    Second gen tracker/vitara! Cheap, easy, fuel efficient, durable. They have simple ifs front end and true hi/lo stick shifted 4wd. They have body on frame (unlike rav and Subaru) and live rear axle with 5 link suspension. They are GREAT and best of all they are very affordable. WIll do...
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    Fridge Advice - Weird space to fill

    I wonder if you could cannibalize a dorm fridge and built it into your cab? The AC fridges are more efficient than the DC ones, even with the losses of the inverter. However for quiet nothing beats propane.
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    Ha, I did it. Hood solar

    Works superb. Keeps my rig topped off, reduces glare while driving, and takes up zero space away from the more valuable real estate. Highly recommend it.
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    Sprinter coach built RV in 4wd?

    That would be neat, but we never got those stateside until like 2016 and we can’t import stuff newer than 25yrs.
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    Sprinter coach built RV in 4wd?

    In our case it’s less about the total economy of money and more about the titilating satisfaction of getting 20+ mpg in a big camper. If it were about dollars entered then I’d surely be looking elsewhere in hobbies in general! 30k$ is not bad for a turnkey solution like that at all. Would...
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    Sprinter coach built RV in 4wd?

    The problem i see with non sprinter based coaches is that they don’t have that euro van comfort for driving, and they also don’t get the MPG that Mercedes does. Not even close in fact. The sprinter chassis is really brilliant in those two key regards. Big dumb truck based campers are wasted...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    shifting between 2hi and 4hi isn’t inconvenient at all to me. Just grab a lever and pull, at speed up to 65. Locking in hubs however, is slightly annoying. But I’d still rather have them than not
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    Sprinter coach built RV in 4wd?

    I do have a t1n, but it’s a 3500. We are considering a larger coach built class C, and thought hey, they come in 4wd now! But alas, the damn suits keep holding us from what we want. Same story as it ever was. Grrrr.
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    Sprinter coach built RV in 4wd?

    Dang. That’s pretty disappointing.
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    Sprinter coach built RV in 4wd?

    Does anyone make a factory RV like the winnebagos and Thor etc, with 4wd?
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    Forward Van bed ideas, sprinter,

    I haven’t tried the the hammock thing yet. I’ve heard that’s valid option, but I can’t seem eye it personally. The aisle isn’t good because then he can’t get to the bathroom. We may end up getting a different camper all together. I think we can get a sprinter based RV for similar to what...