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    Latest Photo?

    Had the all the 4x4s out today, so finally got a picture of them all lined up: Left to right: 1978 HJ45 (Land Cruiser ute, H motor). Currently the tray is being used as a shed... the wife realised how much I had hid in there today.... 1980 Daihatsu F25 Scat (or Taft, depending on market) with...
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    Tundra UTE Flatbed Build Begins

    I'll try to get some pictures of the setups I see around here. A popular approach is a single panel to mount the lights and number plate on which tidied it up. Most importantly it's actually about tidy with your wiring.
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    I used to tie off my cam lock straps with some half hitches; this reduced the risk of them slipping as well as tidying up the excess strap. This has worked well for 1,000s of miles of carrying kayaks and canoes using cam buckles. We used cam buckles as ratchet straps are too easy to overtighten...
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    Jeep Gladiator Build Thread - 18 months around Australia with The Road Chose Me

    Hey @Dan Grec, what's the easiest way to get hold of books #1 and 2 in Australia? Wife is looking for some reading and these appealed.
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    Distribution of gear between vehicle and trailer

    We swap between: -Camper trailer -Swags -Hammocks -OzTent Ultimately, gear changes as we choose what we're taking; the camper trailer leaves the car much emptier (to the extent we can leave the seats up) but with the other options, it also depends on if the dog is coming along as well. We run a...
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    Ultimate camp shoe?

    Got to be the right shorts though. Stubbies work well for some people, not so well for others. I wear shorts with about a 12" inseam but because of the length of my legs (34" inseam) they work fine on me when I've got my boots on.
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    All the ideas here have got me thinking.... wife wants a new sewing machine for quilting (her AU$100 one that she got 8 years ago is playing up a bit....) so we've been looking around at what's on offer. The good news is she is recpetive to getting something a bit heavier duty (not full on...
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    What are your favorite motorcycle adventure movies?

    This has been great fun watching: There's 17 episodes or so.... made in no great hurry, but good fun.
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    New to campers and surprised by the high prices. How come a camper is half the cost of a car?

    Canadian minimum wage is about 75% of the Australian minimum wage ( I've found that when you look at the cost of things expressed as minimum wage units, then things often level out. Things like this will never achieve the economies of scale...
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    New to campers and surprised by the high prices. How come a camper is half the cost of a car?

    Australian minimum wage is about AU$20/hr, for the fabricators working on that probably nearer $40/hr. That'll add up pretty quick... We saw one out bush one day; total outfit was probably north of AU$200k once you included the VDJ79 with portal axles, matched axle width, tray and toolboxes etc.
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    New to campers and surprised by the high prices. How come a camper is half the cost of a car?

    The line I've bolded above goes some way to explaining the rising costs of fabricated things, particularly over here in Aus, but I'm guessing anywhere that there are similar expansions in the extractive industries. The guys over here that work as boilermakers or fabricators in the extractive...
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    I remember 25 years ago as a school kid looking at Land Rovers, and the comment in the magazines was often that S3 grille couldn't be used as a grill.
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    Has the new Yamaha Tenere 700 arrived in North America yet?

    Running town yesterday we ended behind one. Amused me because I'd read this thread yesterday
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Yep, the Daihatsu is like the LJ Suzuki, so very metallic, very little plastic. Depends on which "Rocky" you had - there was the tough as old boots Rocky that was square, and had a 2.8 diesel or about a 2.0 petrol in it, or there was the USA market Rocky that was called a Feroza or Sportrak in...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Yeah, I'm not convinced on the dashboard either - but that's because I think I'm used to much older dashboards with fewer things. It just seemed busy, and over detailed. The Daihatsu has a pull knob for the headlights, another one for the blower fan, and one for the windscreen wipers. Oh, and a...