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    Motorcycle Towing Trailers, Please Advise

    Thanks Krick, good looking trailer and a pretty good price, but I'd have several questions about the quality even if it does look shinny. Those overall dimensions don't tell the full story, like tongue length and the width has probably a foot of tires and fenders. I'm not trying to copy...
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    Motorcycle Towing Trailers, Please Advise

    Need to build a trailer for camping and need your input, Usually what pops to mind is a trailer hauling a bike, but to be clear, the bike tows the trailer. The bike is a Virago 750 or a 1600 Kawasaki Classic, neither a real ADV bike for serious dirt work but they can go off road. Need to...
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    RTT/Motorcycle Adventure Trailer

    Nice job! But why would you make your wife ride back there with your bikes? :)
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    Advice on trailer vs teardrop

    There are also pop up teardops that have hard sides and most of those do have tent tops. I was going to build one but storage is an issue for us. Just going to have a 4x8, 3 foot tall box with a hinged top to tilt up, back to front, drop tent sides and front or place hard panels up.....not...
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    Insulating CampOvrlnd pop-up truck topper.

    You need to look at custom van builds or camper van builds for this project. You need a thermal barrier between your interior walls and the hot exterior metal, a gap of air that can circulate next to the body. Foam board, pink or blue, should be glued in otherwise it can squeak against metal...
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    4x8 trailer overkill?

    Absolutely Army, lol, that's the wrong hitch set up for off road work. You can build one that goes up like a bike rack, then have a higher tray.....but you may not see the Mac truck hitting you in the tail end either. :)
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    4x8 trailer overkill?

    No mention of your intended areas to be traveled, the things to consider are ground clearance, CG, balance and loads, turning along with weight. IMO, a 4 foot trailer isn't worth the headache of pulling, a raised platform off your hitch might carry that load, 6 ft is more useful and 8 ft is...
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    Mazda MPV 4WD Sport, Anyone know these wagons?

    Thanks Half E, I found a couple off roading on u-tube, one was trying to float it and they don't float well! I agree with your assessment and I found others saying the tranny was the weak link. These probably would work well for some as a hunting or fishing rig and weekend camping. I've decided...
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    Best station wagon for expedition other than Subaru?

    For those late readers, Mazda MPV Sport, 6 cy, 4x4, van like interior and drives like a car, zoom, zoom. 17/18 MPG isn't bad for an older 4x4 of any kind. I liked mine back in the day, still do! More comfortable than an Astro but not quite as big or boxy. Over 6' of back acreage behind the...
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    Mazda MPV 4WD Sport, Anyone know these wagons?

    Found one 4 sale and it looks pretty good for its age. V6, towing package, 151 K miles and good tires. It's the sports model. Would it be worth a build at 1800 bucks? A lift, bull bars, lights, bigger rack, larger wheels and tires.......that's the thought anyway??? Feedback, comments from the...
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    Van Exterior Rear Loads

    A friend got nailed for an expired tag, I was riding along with him. The patrolmen have cameras that read plates as you pass by, sound an alert for wants/warrants or expired so the cop doesn't even need to pay attention! I'd bet it would sound off if it didn't find a tag from a vehicle, but i'm...
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    Van Exterior Rear Loads

    BTW, thought the pic would go to the forum post, it was posted by brit55, nice van.
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    Van Exterior Rear Loads you'll see a nice van decked out but I didn't want to clutter up the van picture thread with this question! Not long ago I got pulled over because the cop couldn't read my plates due to a lose tarp tied...
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    AT Horizon Roll Call / Mods / Pics

    Some good ideas on your blog pages loaded with detailed pictures.......thanks !
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    Wrenbot trailer build

    I knew you were a pro when I saw those welds, very well done! Using kayak hatches on the deck is a great idea! Try West Marine or the Woodenboat Forum, that can lead you to some good buys. Again, well done! :)