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  • You too. I come out your way about once a month I am actually out there this weekend. Is there very many expo style rigs in springfield I have seen a few buy not many. Ive seen a couple of Fj60's decked and ready to go but thats about it.. What do you drive Ozarker? maybe Ive seen it.
    yeah I always heard about the tunnels under S field but thought they where a fake until I searched and found ozarkundergound or underground ozarks .com...LOL
    Ozarker where ya from? I read a post you made that said something about tunnels under the city that sounds like Springfield MO....but you also stated something about Ark. in that post too....LOL South east Missouri here. Good day!
    Hello all! Trying to figure this out...

    I'm an older retired guy (just hit the 60 mark, ugg) getting pretty lazy but still need to add something to my bucket list, some kind of adventure, doing the Great Loop by boat, run some rivers and cruise, head out west and see the deserts and mountains and get off road away from civilization. I have a gf and 2 dogs, 4 if I take hers but they are ankle bitters, and I'd like to lease out my home (which forces me to stay gone) and take off for a year, maybe a little longer. Any and all advice is more than welcome and is solicited! Thanks
    Hey bud, the forums are working just fine for me. Try finding a moderator and sending them a message.
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