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    2001 fuso fg 4x4 manual transmission questions

    For older Fusos, maybe try Busbee?
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    1988 sportsmobile / quigley for trade

    Is this still a fun for trade thread? Seems members are ... attacking each other, and somehow, I think THAT is against the spirt of what this site is about. This belongs in the Sandbox.
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    One couples experience with Overland Explorer

    S2DM, thank you for bringing this up: I commissioned LITE Industries to work on my Mitu Fuso ... I saw your camper pod when I was in Red Deer ... very nice ... Placeholder ...
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    Adventure Airplane w/ Motorcycle

    Thank you. I (really) hope you have the time to build more (2). ... although the pub/pvt sectors are probably just getting warmed up to the uses of your pods.
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    Adventure Airplane w/ Motorcycle

    Hello SBaircraft, Last fall I tried to contact you a couple times at MotoPOD regarding buying an XT-225 (or altering one). Is this a product / service you provide ("Let us build one for you")? If so, I am still interested.
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    Thin-Lite fluorescent to (white and red) LED conversion for less than $10

    Thanks, this is helpful. I have a couple of vintage fluorescent fixtures that I wanted to re-use ... just was not sure what LED direction I wanted to go ...
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    Composite pop up project

    Mark, I hope all is well. Glad you are getting some time to look at a lifting roof. - I vote for a chest style cooler. - A chuck box kitchen (thanks shirk) is probably most practical in smaller, and some large applications. Don't forget the the larger truck guys ;-) Although I'm aware that...
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    Swiss Army, our 1985 Saurer 6DM build.

    That is a great looking truck. Good luck with your build. ... they never seem to have vehicles for sale ... only sold vehicles in their listings ...
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    1995 Tiger CX - Chevy C2500.....Tiger #2...soon to be complete remodel & update.

    Hi wheelie, Any updates? I would like to hear about the bathroom walls, and the 1" square cabinetry. After a long(!) delay, I am just about to start work on a Dodge CXT 4x4.
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    LMTV 1078 Camper build concept

    Coach, I thought it was possible you were also on dieselbike. Really glad to hear things are better. I was also interested in a diesel Tiger re-power (Heiko?) for the same reasons you mentioned. Looking forward to more information about the KLR when you get it.
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    Diving in Head First!

    Have a great trip. We will catch up next time. Drive safe.
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    FZJ80 + 18ft Sunradrer

    This is a great project. I have a few pictures of an HJ80/Sunrader I tried to buy a couple of years ago. That one looked great ... Yours looks better and certainly more capable. Good Luck. Keep us updated.
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    1978 Chinook Newport build for flatbed Chevy

    Kool! Also looking forward to your build.