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    Pop-up camper without wide base.

    I almost put an old Palomino PU TC on a 4x8 trailer. The camper was 48" the whole length of the bottom. You could modify the trailer to accept it or buy a wider trailer. Watch the weight and trailer brakes will come in handy with a heavy camper.
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    A Truck Camper like no other

    Looks like an ad to me?
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    A Truck Camper like no other

    Price and location as per site rules
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    Lag bolt length for tent stakes

    Plastic grocery bags filled with sand or rocks work well in those situations. Please take the bags with you when you leave.
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    Lag bolt length for tent stakes

    3/8" x 10" Spax bolts and get thick fender washers for them.
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    Summer Camp Gear Cleanout

    Is the Trekker the regular or long & wide?
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    1984 Skamper

    You may need to build a base for it to sit on in the 150. Tie downs? Dunnage?
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    The North Face VE-24/25 Tent (1992)

    Please add the pictures
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    Coleman Colorado parts needed

    If you want a new road cover call
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    The Alaskan

    Putting a hatch in to get at the fuel pump?
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    Pandemic impact on vehicle prices: what do you think?

    I'll give you $1500, CASH Just toughin ya up in case you CL it
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    Takedown canoe

    There are plenty of plans available online to build take down canoes & boats