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  • Hey Alvin, thanks for reaching out. Yes, that was me. I was a Brigade Assistant S3 from NCNG on loan for a VANG Division Staffex. Only up there for 2 drills.

    Not going this year. Only been once actually. MAR happens as same time as Expo East unfortunately, and overlanding is my passion. I'm overlander on defendersource.com as well. That's where all the NOVA MAR guys are.
    Afternoon Major!

    This is Aivin Guzman and I can't believe I found your picture on Google. I was searching pictures of MAR Rally (I'm doing it this year) and stumbled upon one of your photos. After looking closely I remember I saw a 110 just like yours at Ft Belvoir VA when my Unit was doing some type of field activity. Im pretty sure it was probably early last year or end of 2013. I Loved your 110 and took about 20 pictures. Anyway just wanted to confirm it was you since in the about section it said you were NG. I was in SIG DET.

    Anyhow if you're doing it this year let me know I'd like to chat, I love Land Rovers and own 2 Disco II's and a Range Rover Evoque, One day I would like a Defender.

    Have a great day!
    Chump! Not sure any of those racks are what I want. I like the Slimline II *****. I think the Slimline I is fixed, not adjustable as far as the slats.
    Great meeting you guys memorial day weekend. Looks like y'all have some great camping days ahead of you with the family.
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