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    VORSHEER - Introducing Ourselves

    I'd say a healthy dose of suspicion is warranted in this case. Too many overland ponzi schemes these days.
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    Trailer theft security

    Locking wheel chock and locking lug nuts. They can both be defeated but it's going to be a major time suck and scumbags like easy pickings.
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    Research/ Experience &Concern about Trailer Manufacturer Response

    In no particular order - vmi, patriot or off grid and no one else. And I say that as a conqueror owner.
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    2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon AEV Lift

    Nice truck. About $4-5k over what it's worth. At the end of the day it's just used bolt on's.
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    WTB AEV or Nth springs for 2006 LJ rubicon

    Google nth degree mobility reviews and you will find your answer. Spoiler alert: non existent CS, cc charge backs etc...
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    quigley van in SE NC

    It's been wrecked and shows possible odometer fraud.
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    **SOLD** Earthroamer inspired build: 7.3 Diesel F250 Expedition custom built camper- Go Anywhere vehicle

    Have personally been in and seen this truck and it's awesome. The owners are top notch people as well. If I had somewhere to put it I'd be in Georgia with a cashiers check. And I'll echo don't take a penny less.
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    Wait a year, let the gotta have it guys be beta testers then you will have the answers.
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    Customer: I'm outside of warranty Dealership:
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    Overland Expo East 2019 - Arrington, VA - Oct 11-13th

    If you are expecting more than that you are setting yourself up for failure. The previous owners never apologized for the last cluster ****. Or the ones before that. The new owners run trade shows. Trade shows are focused on one thing and that's money.
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    AEV Ram, Surprised they aren't asking $15k more

    People see AEV and think it's special and that's coming from someone with AEV bolt on's on their jeep. And knowing how guys drive lifted trucks up there I'd bet the paint is wreeecckkked under that wrap.
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    AEV Ram, Surprised they aren't asking $15k more

    The "just came home from my first month in the alberta tar sands and I want to impress my cousin shelly on date night" special.
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    2015 Jeep JK with AT Habitat $34,999.00

    Still wish you would have sold me the hab when it was in Atlanta. I was the guy that offered you 10k and my brand new top.
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    Expo portal trasharoo

    Quint be like: You have a trashbag, bag goes in the internet, buyers on the internet, your buyer.