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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    What front bumper are you sporting? looks simple and light weight.
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    Free 1995 Montero- Los Angeles

    Found on Craigslist Possible spare parts vehicle.
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    Escaped in a Escape!

    Raul, Good to see the Escape stretching her legs. never been to figueroa Mtn, I need to check that out. Just had my Escape out in the Carrizo Plain. The flower display was amazing and the Escape's 4 wheel independent suspension easily handled the washboard roads.
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    2005 Ford Escape XLT getting some love.

    With some decent tires, the Escape gets around on and off-road pretty well. No need to toss a bunch of money at it. I would recommend a tire deflator and a 12VDC air compressor. Add some basic recovery gear and have fun!
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    Ford Escape e/x Build

    Here’s a little encouragement to those folks delaying adventure because they don’t have that ultimate Landcruiser or Land Rover expedition rig. Not only do you not need an ultimate rig, some plucky adventurers have proven you don’t even need a 4x4. Hell, you don’t even need 4 wheels! It’s a 4...
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    Ford Escape e/x Build

    ET, Thanks for the tip.
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    Ford Escape e/x Build

    Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.
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    Ford Escape e/x Build

    Morgan, There is no winch mount in the fugitive's future. The existing bull bars are more like a fragile nudge bar, with crappy mounting options and reduced approach angle. Worse, they use the front tow points for mounting. Not willing to lose those. Most were also designed for the 2000-2001...
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    Ford Escape e/x Build

    Still kicking around multiple needs/configurations. I am having to deal with the limited space and limited mounting solutions on the small front end. Step one is replacing the halogen bulbs in the OEM fog lights, and finding a LED that plays well in a reflector housing. The stock fogs suck. I...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Back in my "road warrior" days, I had the pleasure of renting one of these beauties in Montana and Eastern WA. Cool rig!!!
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    Ford Escape e/x Build

    Morgan, Thanks. I am currently planning a lighting upgrade. Before my night run in the Oceano dunes, I didn't really see the need. Now it's time to become "enlightened". I cleared out enough space in the back for you to join the ride. Glad to have you along.
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    Ford Escape e/x Build

    schnutzy, Glad I could be of assistance to you. Post up some pics when you "git 'er done!!!"
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    Montero issues to look for before buying

    Don't leave us hangin', what obvious issues did you miss?
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    Sugar Cube Sami

    Very bushido!!!