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    A Hawk in the Arctic

    FWC use white bead board (EPS) according to there videos. I believe the R value is 4 +/-.
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    Earthcruiser GZL
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    XPCamper Updates

    The latest V2 XPCamper on a Toyota Tundra:
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    rubbermaid action packer

    I also have had great success with a peel and stick weatherstrip on an action packer. I had one bolted onto my roof rack for 9 months in Australia. It was subject to massive amounts of "Bulldust", several huge rain downpours at highway speeds, and temperatures into the mid 40's Celsius (113 F...
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    Best coating for exposed plywood? Bed Liner? Full sun/heat exposure in a hot climate

    I highly recommend truck bed liner. I made a plywood shelf for my rear bumper that I had professionally coated in truck bed liner. It was a step and a shelf to support a propane tank and folding ladder. It withstood all kinds of abuse, sun and water with no signs of deterioration or fading.
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    Flatbed and composite panel build on Dodge 2500

    You can also get the honeycomb panels injected with foam, which gives you the rigidity of of honeycomb with the R value of 5-7 per inch depending on foam type.
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    Flatbed and composite panel build on Dodge 2500

    CPT is another Composite Panel manufacturer they have plants in BC, Ontario, North Carloina and Mexico
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    Clamshell Pop-Up Camper Design

    I like it! The concept is very similar to the XP V2 & V3 but using flat panels. I don't see any technical issues with building the lower half of the clamshell design from off the shelf foam/composite panels. The top sides of the lower clamshell will tend to flex a lot, but can easily be braced...
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    Mustang as an overlander?

    I was surprised that of the 3, the Lotus proved to be the most reliable. I loved the acronym they mentioned though: Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious. I had not heard that before.
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    Mustang as an overlander?

    I just watched an episode of Top Gear last night. They took a Porsche 928 GT, Lotus Esprit and '71 Mustang Mach I on some pretty rough roads and tracks in Pantagonia:
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    XPCamper Updates

    V2 & Defender Part 2 More pics:
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    XPCamper Updates

    V2 XPCamper Meets Defender 150 This is one cool and unique overland rig:
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    hardsided flipac/wildernest

    This is the closest I have ever seen to a hard sided Wildernest:
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    Redesigned Flippac?

    Is this the one? (seen at the North West Overland Rally)
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    XPCamper - NW Overland Rally - Plain WA - June 25-28 ***PHOTOS ADDED***

    More NWOR photos: This gets my vote for best outdoor kitchen at the rally (Echo trailer): I like the Nemo awnings on the AT Habitat: A very cool custom camper using a Flip Pac roof: This is the longest vehicle I saw at the rally, check out the rear overhang!