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    SOLD: Mountain Hardware Phantom 15 Women's Sleeping Bag (Never Used) $250

    This is a good deal. Bought one for my wife a couple of years ago for her birthday. She always complained about being cold. This bag stopped that completely. Haven't been in 15 degree weather, but she's handled upper 20's/low 30's easily.
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    Adventure/Utility/Jeep Trailer - SoCal

    Utility/Adventure/Jeep trailer for sale. Universal Gobi roof rack included. Permanent trailer tags. The roof come off to convert to an open trailer. I replace the leaf springs on it. 31x10.5x15 all terrain tires. Standard 4 pin hookup for the lights. The storage space is approximately 60"x 40.5"...
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    Baofeng UV5R "Builder Brackets"

    Just got a UV5R for Christmas! Do you have any of these left? I'd take one with the nut on back.
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    Base Camp Aquacube Portable Shower

    These work great. The wife considers it must bring gear. Heats water very fast.
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    Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS

    Chalk me up as a Carhartt convert. Although they are a little heavy for hot weather. I wear Columbia convertible pants in the summer. They are no comparison to the Carhartts when walking through brush in the field training my Brittany.
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    Stacking pots

    We've been using this set. The wife loves them.
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    Firestone airbag kit for Ford Raptor

    Thanks for the link. I'd been considering these possibly. But I've been focusing on lightening our camp gear load first. Trying to get nimbler out there.
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    2013 Ford Raptor SuperCrew build

    FWIW, I ordered a 2014 in mid-November. Picked it up from the dealer a week ago. Price was $450 over invoice. There are dealers out there that will order at a good price, but you have to look for them. From what I'm hearing on FRF, finding those dealers is getting tougher and tougher. Mine...
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    Any bird hunters?

    I'm out in SoCal. That pic is from a local private club hunt. Nothing spectacular. But it was close and easy to do on short notice. Anything beats not getting out there. I'm hoping to get up towards WY to hunt in the next year or two.
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    Any bird hunters?

    Hmm, just noticed this board here on Expo. Got some chukar huntin' in this past season. Currently training my Brittany pup for this upcoming season.
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    Bushwacker SEMA Ford

    Actually, it's not a hideous waste of metal. The builder didn't post it up on this forum. As he stated, it was not built to target this forum's audience. It was built to display at the SEMA show. Building over the top one off rigs for SEMA is not some new fangled concept. Jeez, cut the guy...
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    1997 Lexus LX450 Lifted, Locked, and well built in SoCal - SOLD!

    Sale pending. Will post update on status Saturday.