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    New adventurers, follow them on YouTube

    It made my day too. Their latest episode has some amazing drone video, and a LOT of it...
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    New adventurers, follow them on YouTube

    I've been following this family on YouTube for about 2 years. They switched from a 43' foot toy hauler a JKUR and a Teardrop to travel the southwest with. Their videos are pretty awesome, with drone footage, etc. Should be interesting to follow their adventures, since this is a TOTALLY new...
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    Collection of Trailer Builds

    I've started my build:
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    Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison, COMING SOON!

    I still hate the seats in the Colorado. There's a huge thread over on the Colorado / Canyon forum about the bottom seat cushion. For some people, your left thigh compresses the cushion enough that it bottoms out on the left prtion of the plastic seat surround, which then puts pressure on the...
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    Solar / RV / Vehicle wiring. Solder and Crimp or just Crimp?

    I have this crimper. Very nice, and better than the ebay / HF stuff (some of which has metric dies only)
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    Tilting rooftop solar panels

    My panels and mounts from AM Solar will tilt.
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    Opinions on truck/camper needed.

    Check out Wolf Creek at
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    Heavy duty charging upgrades for my truck camper

    The factory wiring would not provide sufficient charge to the batteries if they were low when I hit the road and move locations. With full batteries, I can switch the fridge to run on AC via the inverter and the truck's charging system will keep up with the load while driving.
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    HOW TO: Installing a torsion axle spacer kit

    I purchased a 6x10 enclosed trailer a month or so ago. It needed a lift. It has a 3500lb Dexter torsion axle. Dexter makes lift spacers for their torsion axles. It's a total bolt on kit. Here's the project video:
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    Heavy duty charging upgrades for my truck camper

    Here's a video I did of the project: