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    V10 Exhaust Manifold Studs

    I'll echo what Eric said. Our '97 v10 had the manifold studs break. Our trusted mechanic who does a lot of work on e-series vans he showed me how badly his knuckles were skinned and bruised after replacement. He said it was an [expletive] nightmare getting to the studs and working in the tight...
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    3 1993 F350 Ambos w/ IDI 7.3 for sale Gov surplus (Olympic Peninsula, Washington). Auction ends Nov 19. They are selling separately.,wa/browse/cataucs?catid=4
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    Recomendations for 4x4 hire or safari tour operator Tanzania 2019

    Did a private trip (photo safari) for ~2 weeks with Kibo Guides in August 2015. They were amazing! Our guide was an ornithologist but had an immense amount of naturalist knowledge of animal behavior as well. Going with a guide limits exploration compared to overlanding by yourself, but the camps...