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  • I can swing Snoqualamie tomorrow if that works for you.

    How serious do you guys get? I'm not prepped for any hardcore trails or rocks, but have my snatch strap and am chained up on all 4 wheels, so I'm good for most snow and ice situations.

    Fire me an email at nickwood48@gmail.com, probably easier to contact me that way.

    I have a busy holiday season, but can go up again after the new year.
    I remember you mentioned replacing your speedo gear? The thing on the ******** end of the t-case if I remember correctly. Where or what do I ask for at the dealership? How do I know which one to get? Running 4.88's stock motor and tranny and 33" tires yada yada yada.

    Thank You

    Got the box undercoated, and springs primed. I'm going to prime and paint the frame tomorrow. Got the hardware to bolt the box to the frame so will probably do that after the paint drys. The axle should be here end of the week, also picked up two rubber plugs from HD for the two big drain holes. They are for a sink I believe and have a small ring on them to pull them out when needed.
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