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    Motorcycle carrier on FRONT of truck?

    Not only is your trailer frame not likely up the task, the axle and tires are almost certain to be not able to handle 300lbs hanging off the back. That will add MORE than the 300 lbs to the axle. Since you stated the 3700 lb trailer sits on a 3500 lb axle, you are likely near or over the axle...
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    When I replaced a radiator in a 1987 Chevy truck a few years back, I was told the replacement was for an auto or manual, the tranny cooler was there to use or not. It was cheaper to put the cooler in all units than to make 2 separate parts. Your idea sounds like a good one, and easy to source...
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    Mechanic's take on Ford Bronco

    I believe that is the transmission pan, not the engine oil pan. I hope I am not wrong.
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    SEMA 2021 - Jeep Wrangler Overlook Concept

    Don't lower the roof and you have a late 1960s Olds Vista-Cruiser with 4 wheel drive, etc. Toss the rear seats and you have a dandy camper. I would love one of these! Almost as good as the Africa concept. I would like it even better if it were available with something other than black...
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    DIY Astro Van TRAILER Build, to tow behind my lifted Astro

    "My question: Can the house batteries of the trailer POWER the van at night? I want to charge some stuff in the van, and use the fan/heater all night, and instead of installing ANOTHER house battery in the van, I had the idea of just trying to use power back off the trailer. Thoughts?" Yes...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    A solar panel is a current source so with no load the voltage will be nearly constant. The 18V spec is the max power point (at 5.56A). When the panel is connected directly to a battery the voltage is brought down to the charging voltage of about 14.4V and the current will go up slightly above...
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    New Bronco

    AMEN! And that applies to a lot of other vehicles also. Black interior + Arizona sun = an oven!
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    Will a JKU on 35s fit on a U-haul trailer ?

    When I had to tow my broken CJ-5 to a shop a few years back, it fit on the trailer, but the tie-downs wouldn't even come close to fitting over the 31" tires. I had to run them over the axles, which was sub-optimal but worked good enough for the ~40 mile trip. When you select a trailer on their...
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    I'd sure like to see those photos. I'm sure others would too.
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    You are not that old, when I was in high school guys were not allowed to take Home Ec. We could take shop or a language, only one elective per year. I took shop and learned a lot of useful skills, but cooking and sewing were not among them.
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    Best Fridge

    I have 18 or 19 years on an Engel MT45 with no problems. It spent 8 years running all summer after I retired, before that it was used regularly on weekends. It was used in a Jeep for many years then in a variety of RVs. Currently it lives in a van right next to my bed, it doesn't keep me...
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    This would make a pretty sweet looking camper

    With that minimal ground clearance, it wouldn't be able to get up my driveway. Not my idea of a camper.
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    Rooftop solar question

    I have 400W of rigid panels on a medium roof Transit. They are mounted with feet from AM Solar, held on with VHB tape. Now at 5-1/2 years of trouble-free power.
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    It's Bronc o clock

    Now there is the 64 million dollar question!
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    2019 Colorado ZR2

    twin_magnolias wrote "Most importantly...BEER IS MORE ACCESSIBLE!!!" And that is all that really matters at the end of the day...