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    Anybody on here living in Okinawa?

    Hey guys I haven't been on the forum in a long while. I'm planning a 3 week trip to the Philippines in September and looking to visit a few other countries while I'm on that side of the world. I lived in Okinawa from 70-73 and I am interested in revisiting it. I will probably be there for 3-4...
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    Photography advice: What am I doing wrong?

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned a circular polarizing filter being used, with the filter attached rotate it so that you can see the changes in the blue skies, water, etc. It makes a world of difference.
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    Finally! The DE-III trip report (multi-part)

    Very nice read! Even sadder now that I had to miss this trip!
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    Aspen X Trails Kelly Tear Drop build

    I have enjoyed the heck out of mine so far! Sadly, I haven't gotten out this year the way I wanted too! I had to back out of a 15 day trip in May due to finances. I'm taking 3 1/2 weeks off in July for Moab, the FJ Summit and a week of camping in the mountains of Colorado (or maybe join Jon and...
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    Aspen X Trails Kelly Tear Drop build

    Sorry, the 110 plug in post# 98. Sorry to hear that your having so much of an issue with the heater. I have only had my trailer out in temps in the low thirties and it really wasn't much of an issue, just closed one of the windows and ran the heater for 15 mins or so and it was nice and toasty...
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    The official unofficial DE-III in progress thread...

    Come on we are looking for some pics and stories!!:ylsmoke::smiley_drive::Wow1:
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    Aspen X Trails Kelly Tear Drop build

    The plumbing looks really clean! Build is looking good. I would change the 110 plug to a rectangular one, this fit would be better if its not to late. Looking forward to pics of the interior! PS: I really like it w/o the front window!
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    Aspen X Trails Kelly Tear Drop build

    Good to see that your back working on a trailer! Don't forget grab bars on the inside and the light switches moved up higher! :sombrero: Still enjoying mine! Had it out over Spring break weekend, I ran some washboard roads at 50+ MPH nad everything was fine....well except my eggs, broke all but...
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    Land Rovers in Utah - 2012

    Myself and about 20+ others are going to Moabin July before the FJ Cruiser Summit in Ouray, CO. This looks like a better (scenic) route back that the highway, Do you see any issues taking this in the oppsite direction from Moab to Ouray or Teluride?
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    OMG, this brings back fond memoires from years ago! We were stationed there from June of 70 - Nov 73! Was there when the states gave the island back to Japan :(. I'm an Army brat, dad was SF. He was assigned at Camp Hansen which severed as a jail/prison camp for soliders waiting to go to trial...
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    WhereThehellisMurph, 3 Wheels, 7 Continents, 7 Years

    Your story telling is as incredible as your photo's are. I can't decide if I am envious of your journey or just glad to be where its 70 degrees F.:coffeedrink: Although I would love to travel to many of these places, I don't think I will make most of them, however I am honored to be able to see...
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    UAV-TD (Urban Assualt Vehicle - tear drop) build

    Just a thought, I run the same tires on my truck and on my trailer, with a spare on both. You can't go wrong having two spares! Places like Big Bend SP and NP, flat tires ARE very common and that's not a place to be taking chances in. On my 9 day camping trip last year in BB, two vehicles in...
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    Off Road Tear Drop - Aspen X Trails 11/2012 Build...

    Aspen X Trails Bob, sorry to hear about your friend. Just wanted to let you know that I'll be taking the trailer out and actually run trails with it. I'm doing a camping trip in the Ozarks with Central Overland from Dec 29th -Jan 1st. Its about 120 mile trip so I should get some good use out of...
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    Skersfan's build for Old Sarge, May 2012...

    Sorry I haven't been on this forum in a while, glad too see my build thread is still going! :ylsmoke: Last month I was able to take my trailer out to Wheeltoberfest @ Hidden Falls Off Road park, in Marble Falls TX. This is a 3 day off roading get together. My trailer pull nicely but at 80MPH...
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    Skersfan's build for Old Sarge, May 2012...

    2012 Alaska Saga! Hey guys, a few updates! I'm sorry I haven't gotten any pics up. This past few weeks have been full of DRAMA for both Bob and myself. After leavin Glacier NP, I was planning a slow and easy day + drive to Spokane, WA to put my step son on his flight back home. About 2 hours...