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    Sierra Challange 2015 Aug 31st - Sept 9th

    Pics or it didnt happen. LOL
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    Thanksgiving in Death Valley

    Hmmm... ;)
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    DOHC 3.5 Fuel

    I don't know about you but I didn't notice much of a performance gain (if any at all) or mileage gain w/ 91 premium over 87 regular unleaded that was equivalent to roughly an extra gallon of gasoline that premium cost you in price. That said, I've been told there is definitely a difference...
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    Monteros on craigslist

    They painted the roof black? I hope that's only for snow use or that's Plasti-kote and can come off easily LOL. I think that would get pretty hot in the sun.
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    Sierra Challange 2015 Aug 31st - Sept 9th

    Nice to see the gen III's on the trip. How did they do?
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    Sierra Challange 2015 Aug 31st - Sept 9th

    Nice. Glad to see he's doing well and glad to see Lloyd's back on the trails! Was Lloyd's rig running ok? I recall there were LOTS of little issues during the build up process. IIRC Weld make cold forged aluminum rims for off road use. Not sure what kind of abuse they can take. I know my...
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    Sierra Challange 2015 Aug 31st - Sept 9th

    Is that Richard (I think was his name) in the Suzuki that he calls it Suzi? Wheeled with him a few times in the past. Nice guy. Which rig is Lloyd's new one? The black Gen II w/ a Sudan Beige lower half? Great pics! Allows us to live vicariously LOL! Truth be told, I'm itching more than...
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    Is your gen 1crap on the highway

    My 1990 w/ rxinhed and my 89 were both fine for power at sea level. Gps verified 90mph on my 2-door and chp radar gun verified 108mph on my 4-door. Happened on flat stretches in both situations. Both had 33x12 mt tires, rock skids, and a custom front bumper. My rolled 1990 was also a good...
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    What Is The Best Topo Map App For iPad

    Me too. The longer it takes the more comfortable I'm getting with the available mapping solutions. Specifically Scenic Maps. It's not as detailed I thing and sometimes trails are missing but that's the exception and not the rule.
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    iPad vs. iPad Mini for Backcountry Travel

    You're mistaken in thinking we're using iPads in the back country to stay connected. We're only using their integrated gps with previously downloaded mapping software. No other data is transmitted in the field otherwise. HTH.
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    GPS or Tablet

    Hi Clayton, IMHO, if you have an android or iOS phone then I find Waze to be a far better on road solution than traditional dedicated GPS units. For traffic detection it uses other Waze owners ahead of you to help it gauge the actual sped of traffic rather than just rely the often delayed info...
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    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 Gas Gauge In-Tank Sender Replacement

    Use a flare. The ashes from the Cigar will fall into the gasoline and clog the pump/filter whereas the flare ashes will dissolve in the gasoline. ;)
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    New additions to my GEN3!

    that sucks about the accident but good to hear the positive outcome. as for plastic lights, in this case the plastic lenses on these lights should outperform glass lenses for stone impacts, but I'm not sure how well they hold up to UV wear over time.
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    Mitsubishi Reveals New Triton: A Pickup That Could Save them in US

    Hit that nail right on the head. They'd have to design a vehicle just for the U.S. as the current triton platform was not designed to our minimum standards.
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    NW Gen 4 Transformation

    Very nice! Next time I'm down under on a business trip, I'll definitely need to go on a road trip!