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    1986 GMC S-15

    I so enjoy watching this thread record y'alls hunts and the progress of the truck. I know what you mean about taking the deer God presents you with! I was only able to sit one evening at a WMA a couple hours south and was able to shoot a small spike to refill the freezer with. We were down to...
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    10th Generation F-150 Overland build (The Craptor)

    That is great information and exactly what I was looking for! Can you give me the part number for the conversion kit you used?
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    10th Generation F-150 Overland build (The Craptor)

    How is the ride compared to the stock shocks in the back? I just put on a set of Bilstein 4600 shocks up front last year but I need rear shocks badly! The Ford Raptor shocks would be a awesome upgrade but I am wondering about the ride quality. What is your plan for the upper a-arm? I know BTF...
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    Leitner Designs Rack

    I am asking $850 or OBO
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    Leitner Designs Rack

    In order to be 100% transparent the Raptor I pulled the rack from was hit on the drivers side. The rack was barely impacted but th driver's bedside piece was slightly bent. I have had the truck up to 85 mph with the rack and there is absolutely no issue with the structural integrity supporting a...
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    Leitner Designs Rack

    I'm sorry but I am located near Athens, GA.
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    Leitner Designs Rack

    This rack system is specifically designed with over landing in my and is easily outfitted for whatever gear you have. This rack ($1500) comes with 2 universal mounting plates ($160) and a extra load bar ($125). I bought this rack off a wrecked Gen. 2 Raptor and mounted the rack on my truck only...
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    Good Expedition Trailer for a CJ5?

    It's great to see more CJ5 owners on here! I've got a S10 long bed turned into a trailer that weighs 1180 lbs. empty that I have used with my CJ5 to tow about 240 miles twice. It's super slow and probably around 1400 lbs with my spare parts, tools, and camping gear. I am in the planning stages...
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    2013 Silverado 1500 Build Thread

    Great looking front bumper! I'm also in the planning stage for a front and rear bumper. Do you have anymore pictures of the front bumper and maybe some plans? It turned out fantastic!
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    Show me your "Adult" rigs and how you keep them running.

    I just found this thread and since my Jeep is 37 years old it should count! I picked it up for cheap 2 years ago and I have been replacing things here and there since then. You wouldn't believe what a old carbed 3 speed Jeep can do to show all the new rigs, as long as the cruising speed is 60...
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    show us your truck bed trailers

    Nice score (none)! I recently bought a converted s10 long bed and I couldn't be happier! I can't afford a M416 or a replica but the trailer I got for $250 has been absolutely perfect! I use the trailer for my construction business and it'll hold 2700 lbs of shingles and tiles! You can't do that...
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    1991 4Runner - Texas - low mileage, cold ac, lockers

    No worries buddy, celebrate the time with your wife today!
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    1991 4Runner - Texas - low mileage, cold ac, lockers

    Don't part it out just yet. Is there anyway you could post a video of the truck starting up, running, and revving? PM me if you want to send the video privately.
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    1999 4Runner SR5 4wd 5-speed $7,500 (Athens, GA)

    Hey I am from Athens and would love to check out the 4runner this weekend if possible. I am pm'ing you my information.