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    LR3/LR4 Rhino OX hitch weld failures

    i bought mine in October/November 2020 from T-4x4. First time it got wet it I saw rust around the weld seams the next day. Not to mention this is probably the crappiest powder coat i've seen. There was a guy on another forum who had the hitch fail at the welds while hauling a trailer (luckily at...
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    Alpha Equipt Wheels for LR4

    please don't jack you up your LR4 like that noogoogee guy. He's killed a substantial amount of capability in the truck with zero articulation- it's so obvious when you watch his trail videos.
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    that the new defender is really what the discovery 5 should have been.
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    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    the SCV6 has dual air intakes as well as a second little barbie jeep battery that runs the car for the eco/start stop.
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    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    I've pretty much given up on a dual battery system for the LR4 as I won't really be able to utilize it as I really want (run winch, aux lighting, etc.) given the likely location of the second battery in the cabin. I ended up buying a dometic portable battery...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Honestly- the more I see this, the more I think it will be a great truck. Will it be as charming and utilitarian as the old defender? no. But it will likely be modern, comfortable and capable. I love my LR4. If the new defender is just as comfortable but more capable (diesel in NA will be a big...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    wow- that is a clean LWB. Is that color cream or is it just the lighting.
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    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    Thanks- this is a good idea- I will reach out to them and see what they think.
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    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    Hi- I know there have been some threads about this and it seems like there is simply no space in the engine bay to fit a dual battery given the 2nd eco start stop battery and dual air filters. So I bought a National Luna Portable Power Pack out of a lack of other options and was thinking about...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    I am trying to set my expectations low for the new Defender, but the best case outcome is that we say, "it's not THAT bad." I agree w/ most saying this is probably more like the LR4 than anything else. You will probably have to get a custom/restoration build to get a true utility truck like the...
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    Last dealership trip under warranty - any suggestions?

    your 2nd battery is probably dead causing the eco function to not work.
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

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    Bought a couple of 110's

    I thought the first year for 300tdi in defenders was 1994?
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    front runner ladder- lr4

    Reviving this thread since it's been a while. I completely forgot about this situation with FR and emailed Bryan the customer rep. He got back to me right away and told me they just got a shipment of the new stainless steel ladders and sent it out the same day I emailed him. Just got it and...