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    Alpha Equipt Wheels for LR4

    please don't jack you up your LR4 like that noogoogee guy. He's killed a substantial amount of capability in the truck with zero articulation- it's so obvious when you watch his trail videos.
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    that the new defender is really what the discovery 5 should have been.
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    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    the SCV6 has dual air intakes as well as a second little barbie jeep battery that runs the car for the eco/start stop.
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    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    I've pretty much given up on a dual battery system for the LR4 as I won't really be able to utilize it as I really want (run winch, aux lighting, etc.) given the likely location of the second battery in the cabin. I ended up buying a dometic portable battery...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Honestly- the more I see this, the more I think it will be a great truck. Will it be as charming and utilitarian as the old defender? no. But it will likely be modern, comfortable and capable. I love my LR4. If the new defender is just as comfortable but more capable (diesel in NA will be a big...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    wow- that is a clean LWB. Is that color cream or is it just the lighting.
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    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    Thanks- this is a good idea- I will reach out to them and see what they think.
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    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    Hi- I know there have been some threads about this and it seems like there is simply no space in the engine bay to fit a dual battery given the 2nd eco start stop battery and dual air filters. So I bought a National Luna Portable Power Pack out of a lack of other options and was thinking about...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    I am trying to set my expectations low for the new Defender, but the best case outcome is that we say, "it's not THAT bad." I agree w/ most saying this is probably more like the LR4 than anything else. You will probably have to get a custom/restoration build to get a true utility truck like the...
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    Last dealership trip under warranty - any suggestions?

    your 2nd battery is probably dead causing the eco function to not work.
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....
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    Bought a couple of 110's

    I thought the first year for 300tdi in defenders was 1994?
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    front runner ladder- lr4

    Reviving this thread since it's been a while. I completely forgot about this situation with FR and emailed Bryan the customer rep. He got back to me right away and told me they just got a shipment of the new stainless steel ladders and sent it out the same day I emailed him. Just got it and...
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    Share a photo of your dirty Landy

    Big sur is entirely accessible from the north again, but HWY 1 is still closed south of Gorda. What you can do if you're coming up from the south is take nacimiento fergusson road through Fort Hunter Liggett From 101 to acess HWY 1. Nice drive up and over the mountains and then you can access...