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    Cloud storage options for blogging/vlogging

    SmugMug - no one else compares EDIT: I think misread the question. It kinda sounds like you are describing Instagram, perhaps a private account. I was thinking of just a photo sharing account in my initial response.
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    WK2 backseat delete - looking for platform ideas

    Wow that is completely fantastic. What you did is essentially the sesame as what I am thinking of doing. Nice job! What is Bullyliner? Is it sprayed on or rolled?
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    How do people wash their greasy pans?

    I dump the soapy water residue into the fire, scrub dry with paper towel, and toss that into the fire also, or trash bag if no fire zone, and the water somewhere just out of reach of my dog’s camp site leash.
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    WK2 backseat delete - looking for platform ideas

    I've been kicking around some ideas for my WK (a bit different from the WK2 posted above). I want to omit the back row seat, and provide a platform that is a bit easier for my dog to jump up onto, and I'd like to create a flatter, larger floor plate for storage. I recently did a trip with my...
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    Traction pad, (Paddle board style)

    Nice idea! I've been thinking about ways to make my Jeep easier to access for my dog who can just about jump in....but not quite.
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    Stuck in 4x4

    There are two basic kind of issues. 1) the actuator is sludged into place, resulting from seldom being used. Working it in and out of 4wd a number times helps free up the lubricant again and it will start to work properly. 2) the shifter has a "ball" of hard plastic that engages the tines...
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    Propane quick disconnect and 20Lb tank

    While not cheap, these products are generally high quality and compatible with what you are seeking to do:
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    Timing Belt / Water Pump Job Hours

    Probably a good idea to summarize your thoughts here in this thread, and highlight what tips and info you feel would be the most helpful to the next guy
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    Timing Belt / Water Pump Job Hours

    I haven't looked at the FSM in years, but I noted a significant difference between my 1998 Gen 2.5 3.5L engine and the 2002 Gen 3 3.5L engine was that the front plate was quite different, and where the accessories mounted was different as a result. The newer 3.5L front plate had the...
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    Timing Belt / Water Pump Job Hours

    Oh! One more important tip! The fan belt tensioner is old style, in that it doesn't pivot to apply tension. What you need to do is loosen (not remove) the bolt on the pulley, then using an impact on a long extension from under the car, turn the adjustment bolt to lower the tensioner pulley...
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    Timing Belt / Water Pump Job Hours

    Photos of the tool, next to a 3/8” 10mm socket for scale
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    Timing Belt / Water Pump Job Hours

    Skilled mechanics can do it in 4 hours. As a unskilled YouTube mechanic, I can probably get it done by myself under 7 hours with the wrong tools. Here are a couple of tips: - The fan nuts are a PIA. I use extra long wrench (10mm I think) to take those off. Most gear wrench style wrenches...
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    Coolant Leak Gen 2.5

    Yes, however, you will find some differences between the Gen 2.5, the first couple of years of the Gen 3, and then anything after 2003 Gen 3's. The differences are primarily in accessory brackets and locations of things like the oil pump, AC pump, etc.... I call it the the front plate, and its...
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    Coolant Leak Gen 2.5

    Here is a video of a teardown of a Montero sport to redo the timing belt and waterpump. It's not a great video, but it has been helpful for me. I reccommend watching without audio on, but that's a personal choice.