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    2008 Earthroamer # 95

    Never thought I would see the day that a used earthroamer is going for less than a used 4x4 sprinter on here. Awesome rig, GLWS.
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    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    Appricate the insights. My only beef (besides being $$$) with AT's design is the fact that it has sloped sides. This definitely makes for a more aesthethic look but really limits the space for using the camper. I'm really surprised no one who owns an AT atlas or an M has posted a rig walk...
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    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    Can you elaborate on this? Thanks.
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    2019 Capri Cowboy Truck Camper - $8,400 - SLC, UT

    Appreciate your drawing detailing the dimensions. GLWS.
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    Should FWC's Swift & Fleet be marketed towards Tacomas?

    Appreciate all of the feedback. I'm not saying that a Tacoma cannot adequately handle a 1k TC in the back (I've seen plenty of people with this set up). I'm just bringing up the issue that if you use the "Find [a camper] Based on my Truck" on FWC's website and select "Mid Sized Truck" it will...
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    Should FWC's Swift & Fleet be marketed towards Tacomas?

    Agreed - owners should be aware of their payload capacity and make a decision on whether or not they want to exceed their payload capacity. I find it kind of odd that if you go on FWC Swift & Fleet's webpages they're shown exclusively on tacomas. However, it you put one on a Taco, you'll be...
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    Should FWC's Swift & Fleet be marketed towards Tacomas?

    Hey guys, My old roommate (who has a 4WD Toyota Tacoma) reached out to me regarding buying a truck camper for his rig. Since I've seen a lot of FWCs on Tacos, I did a little bit of research and found that the Swift (935 lbs) and the Fleet (1,045 lbs) are specifically marketed towards the Toyota...
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    Spacekap Plus Camper (Sold)

    Price drop to $4500 obo
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    Spacekap Plus Camper (Sold)

    Sale fell through due to lack of funds. Still for sale
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    SpaceKap Diablo

    In our spacekap plus we normally sleep two adults and a very large dog (450ish lbs) in the cab over portion. It's an 8ft model if that matters. The bed extends out about 2 ft into the "main" part of the cap and has supports that go to the floor so I guess some of our weight is transferred to the...
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    Two Arctic Tern Windows (Colorado Springs)

    Sale pending for both