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    Interesting concept for a portable Fridge

    ya know, new tech may lighten them up a bit from the older mil surp units,,, but i'm still not backpacking it in
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    9MM Pistol for bear protection?

    so, i have a Q. no chest pumping or bravado on my end. when i truck camp i dont worry too much about it since i can retreat to the truck for at least some time to gather my composure and aim if the gun is needed,,, but when i moto camp i am in the open. i carry bear spray as a first line and for...
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    Certified Pre-Owned EarthCruiser For Sale

    haha if that point was sarcasm the line would totally be you i got it slowtwitch
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    Jeep Cummins Turbo Diesel- SOLD

    I feel nothing about it, glws, its a nice rig
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    Jeep Cummins Turbo Diesel- SOLD

    One of those impulse buys with change found in the seat cushions?
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    overland journals

    collecting? missing the early years? all in very good to near new condition, i'll let the pic speak to the quantity and dates located in AZ, half price at $90, dont care to ship, can deliver to EXPO west.
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    Stoked about the new Gofast camper

    good to know,,, my bed is tearing apart AGAIN and i'm ready to ditch it and just build the box ive always wanted to build.
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    Bomb Proof Fire Pit

    this guy has a better website,,, dozens out there,, but i made my own cause i cant justify the prices.