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    Back in the Tundra Game - Hank's Build

    looks sexy. i used to love yoko's. just haven't had a rig to run them on. be interested in how they do for when my coopers run out.
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    2019 Tundra

    i have had three fords. all of them consistently had issues. we use f150s at work and they are falling apart at 150k. i've had 10 toyotas that were regular daily drivers (i've had somewhere in the neighborhood of 30, but these were hop in and go to work/school/store/family/etc rigs). one was...
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    Kino the Tundra - The More We Explore's 2018 Toyota Tundra Build Thread

    have a blast with your build. i'm with eatsleepwoof, i watched the first video and was fast forwarding to try to get to anything of interest, but you did pick a great platform. i've been a die hard land cruiser person for decades and got my first tundra (gen2 but also a double cab for the same...
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    Awnings - Driver or Passenger side mounted?

    i keep it on the passenger side so i don't bump my head on it, but i have gamiviti mounts, so i can easily swap it side to side
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    Denver Outfitters - OverRoam RTT

    very interesting looking and local for me are some bonuses. are they all gas strut? i'm a hand crank fan too, but i admit i don't have experience with rtt's with struts. i do have experience with struts on lift gates and hoods and i do cold weather camp. i know how well they don't work in...
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    A "Toyota Guy" Buys a Classic

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    Who does a timing belt at 70k miles?

    sorry, closest i can come to the o.p.s complaint is that i have to swap out a cam gear at 56 years as preventative maintenance. :)
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    Ouray to Telluride over Black Bear Pass

    love that area. i often do a turn and burn out there for the annual black bear backwards event, but it's been too long since i've been out there for an extended period of time and visited more of the area.
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    Gunnison County Road #3, Crystal Mill

    i'd gladly do it in a 80 is always a tight fit on this section....if i'd met someone, i don't know wtf i'd do.
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    maggiolina changing room

    price dropped
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    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    nice! everytime i see this thread, i want to go the same way, but have to remind myself i have my 80 series for camping/wheeling...the tundra is a work truck. that doesn't mean i don't want to get out a bit more with it, though, and i'm wondering how well your ss budbuilt plates have held up...
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    Interior size difference between an 80, 100 and 200 series?

    i find it hard to believe the cargo dimensions are the same between 80 and 100. i bought rear drawers for a 100 series because they were on clearance and they area about an inch too narrow on each side when i put them in my 80
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    FZJ80 Daily Driver Overland Rig. Build Thread.

    i like the idea of the power of the supercharger, but i don't like the premium gas (which you sometimes can't find at the remote gas stations). my 80 is a daily driver, wheeling rig with the tendency to expedition and it's always ready to go. if you do a rtt, i suggest going hardshell. it...