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    2017 F150 with XPTray truck tray -- Pricing Update

    Just adding a BUMP for a really unique rig. Hope this sells soon for you.
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    1997 Subaru Outback Expedition or Competition

    Thanks for the price update and the story of the Outback. I guess I am not sure if I should say GLWS ;).
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    1997 Subaru Outback Expedition or Competition

    Yes, still no price? If you have to ask...?
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    SOLD: 1996 Ford E350 ext length Sportsmobile 4x4, 7.3l diesel, 14-16mpg, new trans, tons of new parts!!

    I just have to add on to your mid week bump, just so many great things about this rig. I appreciate all your attention to detail and ability to adapt! GLWS, just can't jump on this right now, but, hopefully, the right person will find this for you.
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    SOLD: Sportsmobile Campervan w/Third Seat East Coast No Rust!

    Appreciate all the detailed info and great to see some fun rigs on the Beast coast ;). GLWS!
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    1987 Vanagon Syncro 4x4 w/ Nissan SD25 Diesel conversion

    It does look in great condition. Great mods and maintenance. GLWS.
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    Built 2012 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition - $24k worth of parts - 5K miles on build

    Looks like this has SOLD according to the Adventure Motors web site.
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    2007 4runner --- Very Clean!

    This has to be the cleanest '07 4Runner in the USA. I guess the 2WD just got it no love on this site. Did you sell it in OR?
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    $16.5k 2011 Pro-4x Xterra, 70k mi, Nisstec, Shrockworks [SALE PENDING]

    For those of us in the NE this is a rare bird. Quite the color, too! GLWS.
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    ~ SOLD ~ Jeep Wrangler Unlimited RUBICON ‘14 (ONLY 36k mi) Uniquely built up for extended offroad travel and camping.

    One of the wonderful things I appreciate about this rig is how, from the outside, it looks like, you know, a nice cared for Rubicon, but you would never know the meticulous mods that have been done inside the engine and passenger area. Really unique set-up and creatively done. Billibob is right...