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    Truck bed storage ideas

    I recommend checking out this forum: https://expeditionportal.com/forum/forums/storage-solutions.91/ Lots of great ideas in there.
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    OBS F250/F350 Flatbed camper build

    Ahh, good to know, I'll have to take another look around in there. Thanks
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    OBS F250/F350 Flatbed camper build

    Did you create this from a stock image on SketchUp? If not, how did you create the truck image? Been wanting to do this myself but my last attempt on SketchUp was really frustrating.
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    The big three definitely want to push people into the bigger trucks, but Ford and Chevy both have mid-size trucks now available, but neither with the payload of your truck. However, I did just look and the Ranger is rated between 1600-2100lbs. approx. I kinda wish I'd waited and bought one over...
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    Prevolander 93 Bronco

    I wouldn't believe their marketing, but it sounds like this was a temp fix and better lights are in the future for you, no?
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    1.2 tonnes = 2,400lbs. How is the payload so high? My US spec Tacoma is only rated at 1,100lbs. I would love a 2,400lb. payload, it would open up options for so many campers.
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    Prevolander 93 Bronco

    Silicone, if you used sealant with actual silicone in it, will draw water into it. Silicone is hydrophilic. If you used silicone, it's too late and you can only ever use silicone there again as the stuff leaves a film that only more silicone will adhere to. If you didn't use actual silicone...
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    Need some help, thoughts and pointers.

    Following.... You're on the same path as myself, albeit ahead of me. I'm a year or two out maybe, but also planning on an older truck, F250 or 350 probably for a dedicated camping rig and have started to question if I want gas or diesel. Just assumed diesel since I loved my Dodge W250 with the...
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    Katzkin leather seat re-upholstery?

    FWIW, I installed some Wet Okole seat covers in my 2016 Tacoma. Cost new was around $700-800. I installed them myself and they were not difficult to do at all. The fit on them is really great. The front seats are near perfect, and the rear is very close, there is only one small spot on...
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    Aussie Style Truck And SUV Rear Canopies And Trays

    Ha! I was just about to link their website. I saw the announcement a week or so ago and immediately thought of them when I saw your post today.
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    LT vs. P Metric

    I think it just depends on what you are actually doing with your vehicle. My Tacoma is stock and will remain stock as it's not my adventure vehicle. That was my Dodge until I had to sell earlier this year :( I had E-rated BFG AT2's on my Tacoma the past 3 years and they sucked at everything...
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    Just installed a set of these on my Tacoma. I have maybe 300-400 miles on them so far? I had been running a set of E-rated BFG AT2's the last 3 years. I know I'm gonna seem dumb, but I never knew they were E-rated. Every other set of BFG's I'd ever had were C-rated so I didn't even think...
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    What do you think about this non-street legal “Jeep” clone?

    Rode around in some of these when I visited India in 2010. They were the versions that look like the old Jeep Scrambler with the longer wheelbase and bed. We took a couple of them loaded with college students up a 4x4 road that barely qualified as a road to a Hindu temple site. We had about...
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    New shoes for my Taco...Need recommendations

    Got the Falkens installed tonight. Took 3 hours because when I showed up, the guy who said he made me an appointment for today, didn't, so they considered me a walk-in. The manager approved the swap and my cash refund was bigger than expected, yay! But he made a comment about the tire mileage...
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    New shoes for my Taco...Need recommendations

    Yeah, I can't really figure this out. DT said people do run E-rated on smaller trucks, but usually only if they're lifted or have done a lot of upgrades. I always thought the E-rated tires were only for larger trucks, 1/2-ton or larger. I've always run C-rated on my other trucks- 1985 Toyota...