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    Do a google search of "7 pin rv wiring"
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    Harv3589's M101 CDN2 build

    I love what you have done with your trailer. I'm curious where you found it and how much it was, and did they have others in stock? I have the same Jeep but in the 2 door. The only one I have found listed is in Maple Ridge, BC from an expired ad. Seeing some of the prices I may be further ahead...
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    Newb whose about to embark on this whole trailer thing

    Personally I'm planning on a Roof Top Tent for a few reasons. To be off the ground, where we are, there is a lot of rock and we are planning on primarily back country camping. I work 45 kms from town approximately 27 miles, and just between here and there my wife and I have scouted at least a...