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    Older Goal Zero power pack refurb.

    Open it up and see what kind of battery and change it. May be you can wire it upto an external. I have an old one that constantly needs charging too. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
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    Where? Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
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    Using Anderson Powerpoles for fridge connection.

    15a is plenty for my ARB on back of my rig. Some people sleep better by over doing it, not necessarily better protection imo. Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
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    Where to carry Honda EU2000i

    There is a plug that if you disconnect, the EU will run till the carb drys up. This prevents the fuel sitting in the carb. Look it up on YouTube.
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    12V plugs and sockets that are not cigarette lighter style

    I converted all my wires to Anderson plugs. The pisitive wire Always seems to have letters on.
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    Engel vs ARB, battle of the frig

    I love both my old Engle and a new ARB
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    ARB Simpson III RTT Annex

    I wonder if it would work with Simpson II...
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    Vehicle air conditioning really necessary?

    I could't drive in the morning due to condensation. I am always surprised how many people do not know that A/C works regardless of the temperature setting. Hot+dry is awsome.
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    Escape Gear Canvas Seat Cover on Sale!

    I would like one for 04 LC but I guess they don't make one?
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    How warm is RTT?

    No I don't have an annex but I believe that CVT sells an identical model to the Simpson II model that I can use the annex from. There is not enough room for four of us anyway with the Simpson II, I may look into an RTT for my Land Cruiser. I will probably buy one of those family size Eezi-Awn or...
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    How warm is RTT?

    Our family purchased a 2006 Horizon with Simpson II RTT. Kids want to go camping right away but nights will fall to 40s. With regular sleeping bags, will we be warm enough or should I acquire a heater source first. I expect no rain and not too much wind. My seven year old is so excited, she...
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    Hi. I am looking at another one like yours but yours look nice too. First owner? I am looking...

    Hi. I am looking at another one like yours but yours look nice too. First owner? I am looking for a cash deal. Let's talk before I come down. Michael.