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    FS: Lagun Table System(SOLD)

    i'll take it
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    Need San Diego Installer ASAP

    I read you have no tools, but honestly I mounted mine by myself with just a carjack, 2x4 (for stability) and basic tools in a couple hours total. The bumpers are light, lining them up is the hardest part. If you have a tire carrier, wait til you’re home to mount that to your hinges. Maybe a...
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    2003 Ford E-450 Econoline 33k Miles - $20,000 SF Bay Area

    NO affiliation, but damn if I had some extra space to park this...
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    Electrical schematic for 08 E350?

    Not sure if it applies but, after installing swivel seats in my '02 E350, the ABS light came on for me because the pins in the connector under the seat weren't properly seated. Easy fix, and it cleared the light.
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    Free roof rack cargo platform off e350

    Are you able to send pics? Interested. Thanks!
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    SOLD- Ford E-series secondary battery box w/battery isolation system

    Hey Cactus, I’ll gladly buy the battery box off of ya. I’m in San Fran, let’s arrange please.
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    Swivel seat base for Ford E Series (2003 E350)

    +1 go through Ray, solid dude with a great product at a great price. I bought 2 from him.
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    weBoost 4G-X Review

    That’s great to hear as I just recently installed mine on an extended E-350 but haven’t been far enough off grid to test it yet. What do you consider “proper distance and placement”? My external antennae is mounted 10’+ on the rear (24” fixed top), internal antennae is above the passenger in...
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    (SOLD)FS: OzTent F25 plus accessories

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    (SOLD)FS: OzTent F25 plus accessories

    I hear ya! I’m trying to slow down that barreling train myself. Lol. Cool, give me a holler when you’re ready(y)
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    (SOLD)FS: OzTent F25 plus accessories

    Wintertime bump! I just realized it’s been a full year since I last used this tent. Reasonable offers will be considered.
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    LifeSaver Jerrycan * SOLD *

    Pm sent
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    +++ForSale: Camelbak Maximum Gear Thermobak AB 3.1L

    I’ll take it Racer. Got a few big hikes on the books this summer. Please PM me your info. Thanks!
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    (SOLD)FS: OzTent F25 plus accessories

    Spring cleaning bump! This gear is in awesome condition, sure to shelter in any and all conditions. May be able to deliver within CA during my travels.