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    FUSO 4x4 man trans - test engine brake parked/moving (check brake shoe thickness)

    This is great info as I want to get a fuso and was wondering if they had engine braking or not now I know they do another plus to get one now...
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    Wrist watches for the adventure-minded?

    who the f-awk has/needs a watch anymore when everyone already has a cell and who really wants to know what time it is anyways other than dark aclock beer aclock
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    Van camping in -40

    Winter is going to make you her *****....
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    Insufficient Solar Setup?! Input Appreciated

    Totally correct he is only getting 50% out of them solar panels I know went through the same thing with my setup I took them off the roof and store them inside when I get to camp I set them upright directed at the sun and move them every so often if I am around everyone that camps with me knows...
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    Fridge vs. cooler for basecamp-style travel

    I have yet to run into anyone that has gotten a proper compressor fridge that was not happy with the buy... What are you poor that you cant buy one well then you sure cant afford to be camping with a 4x4... But just about everyone I have been with on camping trips that have the old ice coolers...
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    Replacing "glow chips" in Campfire in a can

    how about marbles/river rock/ lava rock the list is endless as to the media you can use if you use your imagination just a bit...
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    Using hemp fabric instead of fiberglass

    you can use any cloth you want hemp/linen/cotton/kevlar/fiberglass any type of epoxy or fiberglass resin will work if you substitute cloth for fiberglass its called micarta and can look very cool...
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    Freeze dried hash browns - who else likes them?

    This is what we get love em easy to make last for years and they are yummy for my tummy...
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    Found very heavy duty tent stakes at Home Depot

    Large branch a foot or more long cut sharp at one end and notch at the other cost free and if left behind will decompose. I find any of the plastic ones will brake in short order and are a waste of $ if you just have to pay/spend your money go for the metal pegs over plastic....
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    Middle of Nowhere

    I am looking for a FG myself I like the platform as I want to have space in the back for hauling the toys..
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    Middle of Nowhere

    I totally agree with that any suggestions?
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    Middle of Nowhere

    Are you ****ting me dude with the reception I got here I am not going to post any more trail reports, now who is the real pathetic one...
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    Middle of Nowhere

    What a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling I get from the users on this site.. I may just hang around for a while... Funny to the outrageous I guess if it was someones blog or web page or business on this site its ok but not forums come on get real... Good to see the community spirit here! who pissed in...
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    Middle of Nowhere

    Thanks Haven!