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    Custom Range Rover Classic + '76 Toyota Sunrader Camper

    Who doesn't like a good mashup -
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    LR Defender 4x6 USA Titled

    I'm digging how Doug DeMuro opened "Bring A Trailer 2"
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    1989 Astro tiger Provan

    Saw this on CL. It definitely screams late 90's interior but I've seen these priced higher in worse shape. Canvas actually looks okay.
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    A Real Man's RV

    Kind of surprised that domain doesn't just redirect to Bring A Trailer.
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    1995 Ford Revcon Trailblazer 4x4

    12 yards long, 2 lanes wide, 65 tons of American Pride.
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    Toyota HIACE diesel 4x4 5speed Space Shelter Camper

    Hopefully to the right. More manageable since there's never going to be another vehicle over there.
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    Sportsmobile 2018 Transit Quigley

    Looks like a lot of potential for this rig. No affiliation -
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    1982 Pinzguaer 710k DOKA

    Probably explains why they are advertising a truck from FL on the Seattle CL.
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    1982 Pinzguaer 710k DOKA

    Oh we're doing Pinzgauers now? Wild looking 710k DOKA. Looks clean but some suspicious diamond plate inside and what looks a recent respray. Low miles at 20,285.
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    06' Sportsmobile Transformer w/75k orig. miles

    Is the picture upside down or is does it have really good traction?