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    Quick Trip To The North Rim

    Took a quick trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Took Highway 89 south as much as we could. Fun drive. Pictures do not do justice to the spectacular views of the Canyon. You must see this in person. Magnificent! Stopped at a lot of small towns on the way. Stayed at Fish Lake on the...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Here's mine in northern Utah.
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    Sunlite Skyhawk relocate tie down points! Newbie!

    Homebuilt...thread Here
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    Sunlite Skyhawk relocate tie down points! Newbie!

    I just gutted and updated the interior. Painted the 80s dark wood paneling, rebuilt all of the cabinets. Is was in good shape to begin with but I just wanted make it a little more modern.
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    Sunlite Skyhawk relocate tie down points! Newbie!

    Nope, no movement at all. Been on the truck for a couple of years now. You should be able to access the areas without too much trouble. Front left was the hardest (had to remove the propane tank compartment).
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    Sunlite Skyhawk relocate tie down points! Newbie!

    I replaced and relocated mine inboard when I redid the interior of my Eagle. I suggest you use turnbuckles. They will stay tight and be easier to install than straps.
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    Price Range - looking at buying 87 Skamp popup

    Way too much for that year, no matter the condition. Paid $1100 for an 88 SunLIte that was in perfect condition. Keep looking or try to talk him down to less than $2000.
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    Camp Plates

    I'm with this. When I camp, I don't go to do dishes. if I can use disposable, I will. Paper plates with rigid holders. No clean up.
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    wiring for a hitch cargo box and TC simultaneously?

    I just wired in a 4 pin to my 7 pin so I could use my trailer.
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    Looking for a skinny refillable propane tank

    I've got THIS one...about 9" in diameter.
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    Harbor Freight "Pelican" knock offs

    got the coupon on their website... no problem with the pick and pull foam, I did use a razor knife to cut it.
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    Self Sufficient Rotating Caravan

    This is cool. I want one. Self Sufficient Rotating Caravan
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    Ultralight camp kitchen

    "Safety Third"...:wings:
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    Harbor Freight "Pelican" knock offs

    Just picked up one of the small ones for my action cams, I like. Only $9.99 with coupon.
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    Total pop-up replacement - 3 videos - step by step

    Saw this on WTW...AWESOME work...thanks for sharing, I'm sure it will come in handy for others contemplating doing the same thing. I commend you for your perseverance.