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    RTT or Oz tent type for family of 4

    Get the OZtent!! Best tent I have ever owned. Plus you don't have to climb up and down form the roof.
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    Considering Selling My RV-5

    Well I rather se it go to a fellow Coloradan!! I know it will get used!
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    Considering Selling My RV-5

    I have the deluxe front panels, mesh floor and, the fly, I think I was at $1850 with shipping for the whole package.
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    Considering Selling My RV-5

    I have a fully loaded OzTent RV-5 that I'm looking at selling. I bought a 20ft camper last month and feel I may never use the the tent again. I have everything that goes with it from the fly to the floor! I've only used the tent maybe a for a months worth of time. Anyone looking for one let me...
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    Great sand dunes np and western adventures

    Go up the primitive road to the second pulloff, it dumps you right at the creek and dune.
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    New drawer/platform build.

    Very nice build! I've been considering the homemade ball bearing slides for my build, how did you create the drawer stop?
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    AT Overland is hiring!

    Would you be willing to hold the position until August 26th? I would love to apply, but I'm in the Army until August 25th.. I'm looking at moving down to Prescott to finish school parttime at Embry-Riddle.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Tell me more on that rear bumper you got there.
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    Stop the Helinox insanity: Introducing the $570 cot

    Free.99 for the excess Army cots for the win for me.
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    Replacement 3.4 5vz-fe

    There's a group down in chehalis or Vancouver that builds race motors with the 3.4 and 22r. Think there name is NW team yota and there website is When I was out at Ft Lewis I drove down and checked them out, pretty legit place.
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    How rare?

    Its a Great White Buffalo!
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    Florida surf fishing

    Man!! I'm so jelly of you right now!! I'm originally from Cocoa Beach FL. I grew up surf fishing on the regular, any six foot spinning rod combo with about 15-20lb test will work. As for bait you could catch sand fleas at the waters edge or get dead shrimp from any bait and tackle shop. The best...
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    Official OZTENT review There's multiple teams you can join as military all the way down to working as an intern at a company. Check it out!
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    Official OZTENT review

    Just got a call from the wife back home, my rv5 showed up Wed night. Cant wait to get home from this deployment and start using it. I will say this, the website I went through is very good towards military and I got it for a hell of a price. Hopefully it holds heat well I have a 15 day stay in...