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    '94 Toyota Pickup build

    I'm back, Six Pac in hand.
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    1990 4x4 Hilux Camper

    Ive been searching for a 4x4 Sunrader for years, this thing is pretty close. I want to purchase it myself but im leaving for a month long trip to Europe and cant make it work prior to leaving. I hope someone here can scoop it up...
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    slow, budget built '89 toyota pickup expedition rig

    Just when I think Im doing big things with stock 4.88's, bilstein 5100's, BJ spacers, and OME leafs, I've been inspired to upgrade it even further. I'd never even heard of Blazeland prior to this post, so thanks!
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    2007 Sequoia

    Brute force fab did one for my buddy Paul up in Oregon.
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    Just Picked up my first Overland project truck!!! 1996 T100, 3.4, 4x4, 240,000 miles. What to do first?

    Sweet truck, I'd kill for the 3.4 in my pickup. So at least you have that on some of the older Toyota's out there. Good luck with the build.
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    Show Hauler 4x4 $320k

    Ran across this monster today. Way out of my, and most peoples budget, but still pretty cool imo. No affiliation, just thought i'd share.
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    Wildernest Replacement and Restoration

    Just went to a local pick and pull with a section of the original and matched it up to what I remember being an old ford van's door seals. Ended up working put perfectly. Good luck with the build.
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    Thinking about a Sequoia

    I say go for it. Miss mine all of the time. It was perfectly capable in an almost stock form.
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    '94 Toyota Pickup build

    Looks like it's been a year since I last posted. Sadly i've been neglecting the truck due to school. Ive got a pile of parts building up in the garage to put on in a few weeks when Im done to include: -Pinion seal -Cam seals (Its been leaking profusely for about 6 months now.) -OME HD leaf...
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    Old's Cool

    They’re r15, I’ve got them on Cl for $300
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    Old's Cool

    I’ve got a set if you’re interested
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    Old's Cool

    Yes, I have them. Not pictured in that photograph. Ive considered doing the EGR delete, headers, intake, the whole 9, but one day I hope to just swap it anyway. So Ill just it up and fill her up often.
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    Old's Cool

    That you did my friend. I’ve decided to just leave it how she is.
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    Old's Cool

    Everyones got their price.
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    Old's Cool

    I did have these wheels on the truck prior to the rebuild... and prior to the re-gear.. which in hindsight, probably lead to the engine rebuild. I never calculated the miles per gallon previously, because I didn't really care. I was just happy to have the truck. Now, I'm looking at throwing a...