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    Webasto Indel Fridge Freezer

    Pending sale...
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    Webasto Indel Fridge Freezer

    Hey everyone, I have an Endel/Webasto 12/24/110v Fridge Freezer combo that is basically new that I am selling. It was just installed in a rig I bought, but doesn't work for the new layout. Located in So Cal, $750obo...
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    6x6 M1083 Overland Build

    Not finished, but had to go offroad in the snow regardless :)
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    Captive Spring Mounting Questions?

    A solid mount on one end with the other sprung is cheap and easy. Generally the rear of the frame flexes more so to keep things small, they solid the rear and spring the front. It kind of doesn't really matter though. I did 4x each side on a 20' box. You can see the design on my build...
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    6x6 M1083 Overland Build

    Been a while but, progress... Car carrier? Hot tub platform, dance floor, extended patio, tire carrier, motorcycle rack or all of the above ;)
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    LMTV 1083 Bed and Frame to convert 1088 to 1083

    Thanks, its in great shape, I just need it out of the shop :)
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    LMTV 1083 Bed and Frame to convert 1088 to 1083

    Looking for a good base to build an adventure box on? Here is a frame rail and bed from a 5 ton 1083. It is in great shape and is 14.5' long. It converts a 1088 (tractor truck) into an 1083 cargo truck. The bed can hold 5 tons. Located in So Cal. $500. Also would make a killer trailer.
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    6x6 M1083 Overland Build

    Posted elsewhere, but thought I should share here too as I've gleaned a lot of knowledge from lurking around these forums :) I'm currently building the subframe and box, walls and roof should be done in a few weeks. I'm not much for typing and photos, but happy to shoot or explain anything...
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    4x4 Van! 89 Ford E350, low miles

    Currently in So California
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    4x4 Van! 89 Ford E350, low miles

    Ok, so here's a start. I'll work on posting more pics asap. Any questions, ask away. Thanks, 1989 Ford E350 Cargo van, registered as a house car in CA. 460 Motor, Full floating Dana 60 rear, and Dana 60 front with disc brakes. Detroit lockers front and rear. Full length walkable roof rack...
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    Range Rover LR322

    I have an '08 HSE SC with the 4.2. Best thing about the SC is the cooled seats and the locking center diff. I can roll up things that other rovers spin their tires on and get stuck trying. I put sport rims on it and 285/75/20s K02s and love it. I bought it with 90k and now it has 110k. No...
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    Lucky8's Project L322

    There was a guy at castle fab in irvine, ca that gave me a quote on a two swing rear bumper. His was great looking
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    WTB Ambulance - Converted or not

    Thank you, not really my style. best of luck with the sale!
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    1986 Ford E350 search and rescue truck. Expedition platform.

    Please send more info if it is still for sale. Thanks, Nate (808) 298-642 eight