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    Whats it worth, vs. market cost, vs. monies invested

    The market silence will tell you when you are priced too high. I tend to agree with 10%, maybe even 25%, but I usually discount the whole by that much or more for a modified vehicle just because of the FPO factor.
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    Upgrading rear accessory power in a JL Wrangler

    While you can ground to the body, I personally chose to spend the extra and run a matching cable back to the battery, ensuring adequate and testable grounding. I recommend this, as grounds seem to cause lots of problems when they loosen or corrode, and your body ground relies on braided straps...
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    Is This Even a Thing? New to Overlanding

    Best advice on here is to join a club, make a few friends, help them with their projects on their rigs and learn from their mistakes paid for with their money, then start your own journey. Modify as you go or as things are needed. Very few adventure vehicles roll out of the shop perfect but...
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    Can I mount an Autohome Maggiolina to 1-5/16" tubing?

    1-5/16 seems like an odd size for tubing. Where are you sourcing that / why choose that size? Just curiosity really, I obviously have no skin in the game. on edit: I realize you are probably thinking of using 1” pipe. You could probably do thinner and lighter if you wanted to, using true 1”...
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    Solar charging the starter battery

    In Arizona, yes, temperatures in a car with the windows up can easily exceed 140. Same here in California, outside ambient temps before considering sun can reach 115 plus in my area. Not hard to believe the interior blows past 140 when the car sits in the sun. I accidentally touched the...
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    Mounting Tepui Autana on Gobi rack - Jeep Wrangler TJ hard top

    it has been so many years that I’ve lost track of those pictures. This is the best I can do, and tent is no longer here, sold and moved another one to a trailer. If you zoom in and look along the rail you can sort of see it under this Kukenam set up to open over the rear. I might have a set...
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    [solved] Floor plugs for seat bolt holes

    Your seats are held down with 8mm bolts? That is tiny. Was that a typo? You might want to check before ordering.
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    Mounting Tepui Autana on Gobi rack - Jeep Wrangler TJ hard top

    Mount the tent to crossbars made of Unistrut, long enough to sit on the side rails of the Gobi, then bolt the Unistrut to the Gobi with u-bolts. You can get a wrench or ratchet to the nuts by going in through the end of the Unistrut. Ditch the aluminum channel that came with the tent and use...
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    LR3 Engine Stall, Vapor Lock

    Understanding that the systems are different, I had a very similar problem with my 2006 Dodge Charger. They eventually issued a recall that replaced a bunch of gas tanks. The problem as a I understood it was that a check valve in the evap line at the tank would rot out and fail, allowing...
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    Solar charging the starter battery

    I have no official knowledge or authority in electrical things, but I do have small experience. I recently added 200w solar to the roof of my Jeep and the Victron SmartSolar 75/15 MPPT to fill the gaps left by a fridge running 24/7 in the heat. I do not unplug when I drive. The solar controller...
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    [solved] Floor plugs for seat bolt holes

    Use short bolts and put them in from UNDER the car, short enough that they don’t come through. or Get some Teflon (PTFE) or High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) rod and thread it. Screw into the floor and then cut off flush.
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    Customizing a Lock N Roll Hitch to fit receiver

    While what you are asking is 100% possible, finding a shop to work with you might not be easy. I think you will have a much easier time changing the trailer to a ball. My suspicion is that you hit the off-road limits of a Volvo (with respect to articulation) long before you find the limits of...
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    Customizing a Lock N Roll Hitch to fit receiver

    I doubt any business’s lawyers will let them answer your question even if there are some directionally correct answers (I.E. your drawing says “Max”, so less is possibly “OK”... What are you towing and where? Why do you NEED a lock n roll? You can search for some of the bent frame threads if...
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    Temporary Tailgate Table

    The arms feel like the easy part to me. I’ll make a sketch today and send it to you.
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    Snapped an old leaf pack in half, bent an old axle...doing some expedition trailer diy/refresh! Need suggestions...

    If you are willing to weld a lot of joints, some fab shops or race shops will sell pre-bent 90, 45, 180 and you cut to length and weld, but it can get spendy. Alternately, you can waste a lot of $$ bending tube in the wrong place, overbending, twisting, all kinds of fun ways to ruin tube...