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    1995 F350 7.3L w/ Grandby camper & Alumline flat bed

    This appears to be a perfectly utilitarian exploration rig for 2 people and a lot of surfboards. Baja (and points South) all day in this beast. Not really overtly fancy or showy......looks nice, but not really “expensive” or “built”. Money spent on running gear and systems......not flash sexy...
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    How can I restore this massive cargo box to it's former glory?

    Packasport sells small replacement parts, should you need any.
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    Front Runner Outfitters awning, jerry can holder, surf racks etc

    Pads and eyelets still around? Shipped to 92037?
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    Home built interior cabinet material options

    Scott, Grant Wilson uses aluminum square tube skinned with an aluminum composite material (of some sort) in his sprinter builds. I think the only wood in his interiors are drawers and cabinet doors? Here is a link to his website and he is one here as well as sprinter source and Instagram...
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    Aluminum tray back or Ute bed for 1985 Toyota truck in in USA.

    My friend (not on EP) just bought a nice 1985 solid axle Toyota 4x4 with a rusty bed, and he is looking for an Aussie style aluminum tray back or flat bed manufacturer or supplier in the USA. Any resources and links for these in the US? Budget accommodates custom, but he prefers a company that...
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    FS: Compomotive Wheels (PD1881 Black) with Goodyear Duratrac Tires

    Would you be willing to put these on a pallet for freight?
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    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    Hodakaguy: There is a direct access set of electrical terminals under the drivers seat called the “EK1” so you don’t have to make a connection to the battery next time.
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    2005 Tundra Regular Cab "Buck"

    Nice truck, nice find. I bought a 2wd RCLB tundra new in was a very good truck....went all over CA and Baja surfing with no issues....way better size and quality than the 2011 tundra 4x4 I owned and disliked. I’d be happy to own another regular cab first gen, but I’ll agree they are...
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    Source for Aluminum Extrusions?

    Did you try Orange Aluminum in Orange County? Not sure if they do small batch custom or not. Their website appears to have an expired something or here is their Facebook
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    WTB: 4x4 Sprinter 144”

    No comments of pricing but this guy has several used 4x4 sprinters My buddy is selling a 2018 170 cargo 4x4 with less than 1,500 miles....but you want a 144” Join the Facebook groups...”sprinter vans unlimited” has vans for sale....also sprinter-source forum has...
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    WTB: 4x4 Sprinter 144”

    Newer? Used? Converted?
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    Colorado: For Sale 2018 Mercedes Sprinter 170” 4x4 cargo less than 1,500 miles

    Of course you want photos.....I’m on it. It’s a white 170” 4x4 cargo van....they all look the same. I’ll have photos of the actual white 170” cargo van by end of day Monday...just have to make time to take them. Listed as a favor for a friend....kinda at the mercy of his super busy work schedule.
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    Colorado: For Sale 2018 Mercedes Sprinter 170” 4x4 cargo less than 1,500 miles

    Location: Telluride, CO For sale one of the last remaining NCV3 4x4 cargo vans. I’m assisting a friend to list this van for sale as he is at his busiest workload of year. This van was purchased late last fall along with another identical van for a business located In Telluride Colorado...
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    1/2 Ton VS 3/4 Ton Trucks for Four Wheel Camper Hawk model?

    I doubt anyone that bought a 3/4 or 1 ton truck to haul a camper has ever regretted the purchase......I know that many people that bought a 1/2 ton for the same purpose have regretted it, or spent countless dollars trying to compensate with airbags and other “fixes”. All full size trucks are...