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    LR3 Transmission service and Leak....

    You can do the service yourself on a flat, level place. Only requires hand tools.
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    LR3 Air to coil tips to reconnect lower strut bolt

    Yes, was having issues with the hardware on the top of the rears, back bolt/nut were completely rusted solid and deteriorated. Spent hours using cutoff wheels and sawzall to cut the rear air bags apart then the top plate of the air bag assembly. Finished 1:30am this morning... ;-) Rear shocks...
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    LR3 Air to coil tips to reconnect lower strut bolt

    I'm mid-way with the install myself on my DD LR3. I'm having other issues with rusty rear strut top hardware. Nightmare right now. Are you talking about the front or rears or both? On the fronts, I used 4ft pry bar between the bottom of the spring mount, over top of the brake disc and put...
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    Anyone have a high mileage LR3?

    217K on mine. Bought it for $6K with a 160K 3 years ago. Think this is its' last winter as rust is starting to appear on the frame/body. Lives a hard life.
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    SOLD .... 2016/17 Xventure XV-1 with stuff

    Photos on Flickr. Price dropped to $9K after looking at the recent sales for Xv1's.
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    SOLD .... 2016/17 Xventure XV-1 with stuff

    Hi all, Selling a mint, XV-1 Xventure trailer. Purchased it new in 12/2017, is a 2016 chassis, from OK4wd/Schutt. Trailer has less than 1K miles on it. I added a Yeti Li-on and solar charger, ARB awning and annex room, aftermarket lighting and Schutt telescoping rack and tonneau cover...
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    LR3/4 3rd Row Window Replacement

    LR sold commercial LR3's and 4's with aluminum roof panels.