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    Random dog shots

    My youngest daughter was only a few weeks old here. I dressed one of the girls and mom did the other. I couldn’t pass up a quick photo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    My wife is finally back in a Jeep! After trying a 4Runner and LR4 we brought home a JLU. The 3.6, manual, orange sport will be a good starting point for a fun ride. Now we need seat covers, a couple inches of lift (to fit 35’s) and a soft top. Any suggestions on a budget friendly soft top or...
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    1986 GMC S-15

    I am seriously considering the same setup. What trans do you plan to run? Are you using the Astro or Bravada axles? 65-35 bias like the Sy/Ty or something closer to 50-50? I can’t wait for this build thread. I want a manual but there is not much info on AWD LS 6spd builds. Headers, oil pans, &...
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    1986 GMC S-15

    I am wondering the same thing. I am kinda hoping this is going to be an AWD upgrade but I can’t tell by the photos on my phone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Random dog shots

    Dolly is my 2nd Dalmatian and best dog I’ve ever had. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1986 GMC S-15

    Andrew, I have to offer another piece of advice after reading this the 2nd time. Don’t make that camper too comfortable or you’ll be strapping a baby seat in there. Enjoy every moment you spend with your wife in that truck. You are blessed to have a woman that enjoys hunting, fishing, and...
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    My new to me Rebel

    I was looking hard at a 17 rebel until I researched the air suspension issues. I then circled back to the 2019 rebels prior to buying my trail boss. I love the red interiors on the rebel trucks but got a great deal on my trail boss. If you are going to remove the air equipment go ahead and...
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    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    I love your posts on here. My wife is from Hillsboro, Ks and has family from Washington & Wichita. Being a TN boy the landscape in the Midwest is foreign to me and every time I travel through the flint hills I am amazed. Beautiful area! I cant believe you have a Typhoon in Blazer clothing. I...
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    Hands on, or end result?

    It always depends on the job but I am leaning hard towards the pay someone side. life is short, spend it doing what YOU enjoy.
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    1986 GMC S-15

    WOW. I have looked around this site for years and reading this has finally prompted me to register. Andrew, your adventures are inspiring. thank you for documenting some of your experiences. Enjoy making memories with your wife. My dad bought a 1984 4x4 RCLB S-10 brand new just before I...
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    Discovery 3 (LR3) and Discovery 4 (LR4) Registry

    We recently picked up a 2011 LR4. After having a Wrangler and a 2019 4Runner my wife wanted a Land Rover. Honestly we bought the LR4 simply because it had character. So far we like it better than the 4Runner and it was a quarter of the price. So far a set of Falcon Wild Peak 19" tires are...