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    Mauritania 2019

    Very cool! Did you guys camp along the way or stay in accommodations?
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    1930's "Overlanding" or "RVing" or whatever around Africa...check out the pics

    Indeed very cool! About your comment of expedition gear lacking, keep in mind that in the 30s vast majority of Africa was still under colonial rule and the countries were travel destinations for rich Europeans/Americans (and so roads would have been maintained). On top of that, these folks...
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    Tunisia search for the Lost Patrol

    Thanks Foy! Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Tunisia search for the Lost Patrol

    That's so cool! Please do share stories from the trip and photos. Love the idea, and how you all traveled. Serious Rat Patrol vibes going on!
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    Russia. Republic Altai. 2019

    Completely makes sense. And thank you for the information. The site also mentions possessing the Russian equivalent of a "B" drivers license. How do you deal with this for foreigners? i.e. someone like me coming from Canada.
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    Russia. Republic Altai. 2019

    Said it before and will say it again, what a gorgeous land! Looks like you guys organized an awesome trip and carried it out very well. Great job! Was taking a look at your site and I know every trip/price is custom, but to get a rough idea, what would the price range be for the trip you...
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    Russia. Republic Altai. 2019

    Awesome thanks for the info Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Russia. Republic Altai. 2019

    Great write up, and gorgeous landscapes! I'm curious about the equipment: what prompted using Fiat trucks (instead of the more typical Toyotas), what is the brand of the gigantic tent and how long does it take to set up? Is this your own company that you operate? Cool to see this taking off in...
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    Best current African route

    Paging @Dan Grec for all the African info goodies. Best of luck with your trip!
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    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    Awesome! Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    Family of Five- Across Central Asia Off-Road in 2019 - from the Russian Far East to England!

    That's amazing! Would love to hear more about the experience with 3 kids, how you do things day to day, schooling, entertaining them, etc. Basically lessons learned through the adventures.
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    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    Not mine, but I've seen pictures of people attaching a ramp to the non-ladder side of the tent (simple plywood and hinges, hooked near the opening). The other option is to throw a yoga mat or two over your windshield/hood to let them get up onto the roof and then in the side windows.
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    Tepui Autana mounting question

    Passenger side for us. Everyone I've met so far with a RTT either opens passenger or over the rear. Regardless at some point we all come across a camp site where the setup isn't able to open as intended and we need to get creative.
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    why are rooftop tents so expensive?

    Very well put, Mike!
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    wild coast tent floor issues

    That's a very neat idea XJ!