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    1985 E150 4x4 Adventure

    Looks like a good start. 1985 is a few years too early for the E4OD. Being an electronic trans, they never came behind non-injected engines. It would be more likely that you have a C6 behind a 351 as the AOD was light duty and mostly installed with 302s but considering all the other...
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    Did you get axle weights? Do you know their ratings?
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    Budget, Bigger 4x4 Van

    Putting SRS into a vehicle not originally equipped with it is illegal, as is removing it. If you got in an accident and your modified airbag went off, your insurance company could deny payment, blaming your injuries on your modification. If the airbag didn't go off, they could make the same...
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    Falken A/T3W vs BFG A/T KO2 for roughly the same price...thoughts and/or experience?

    BFG KOs on the Tundra and Explorer that get driven a lot Cooper AT3s (3rd set) on the Trooper that gets driven very little I like them both. Falkens are probably just as good but I had a bad experience with them on a Maxima and won't buy that brand again. I do think the BFGs have gotten harder...
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    Triton Engines vs earlier models

    Great thing about Fords: cupholders, door panels, seats, fenders, doors... they're all easily swappable from 92 on up OBD2 is fine to have but not a big deal. I prefer the simplicity and durability of the pushrod motors. They're more forgiving.
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    85 Ford Fiesta Camper Van

    Nobody had OBD2 until 1995. Econolines got in 96. All Fords were fuel-injected by 1987 They're all R134a from 1994 onward Get a clue
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    GM Factory Installed Hydronic Heater Information Wanted.

    You're saying there's a GM installed appliance that burns engine fuel to heat the coolant without the engine running?
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    Help on Chevy Express Fuel Tank Tap for Heater

    Even better. Just find a 3D printer in your area and let them solve your problem then list extras on eBay for profit.
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    Help on Chevy Express Fuel Tank Tap for Heater

    Anybody that can weld, braze or solder well can add another tap to your fuel pump hanger. Drill a hole in the plate, slide in a piece of tubing, solder, braze or weld the tubing in place, done. Keep the aux pickup short enough that your heater can't burn up all your fuel and leave you stranded.
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    Alternatives to UJOR for Ford 4x4 conversion

    Is UJOR abandoning that market due to additional time/cost of working on those specific vehicles? If so, is it due to vehicle age (rust, wear, damage) or due to vehicle differences (parts differences, access issues, drivetrain changes)? Or are they refusing to work on those vehicles because of...
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    2000 Ford 7.3L Motovan build (225's build cont'd)

    Winch line keeper, that's the thing that keeps the end of the winch cable attached to the winch drum, right? How'd it break? Did the whole cable slip off under load? You should have a minimum number of cable wraps on the drum at all times. This puts the load on multiple wraps of cable and not...
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    Advanced RV just raised the bar!

    Actual SPAM is more palatable than this thread
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    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    I use uninsulated butt connectors and marine heatshrink as a minimum and add solder as deemed necessary.
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    Sprinter 4WD Conversion Idea, GMT-800 IFS.

    We had an old dumptruck on the farm that developed a bad vibration. I pressure washed the whole underside suspecting a build-up of mud in a wheel or yoke was to blame but it didn't go away. Next we swapped tires and wheels, no improvement. I suggested taking the driveshaft to be checked/balanced...