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    Our new home on wheels ... MAN 16.232 Expedition Truck Build

    Any updates? Ooooh, I see some updates on and your Instagram. Nice work.
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    Colb's Red Rover

    I'll vote for the black wheels - they look good IMHO. Next, put some clear wrap on the sides to keep that gorgeous paint looking good after a couple of BC carwashes. Looking forward to this build progression.
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    Mjolnir "Das Maultier" Our Unimog U1550L Expedition Camper

    I agree that the MSR Dragonfly is a lovely stove. It burns like a jet engine while also being able to simmer. The thing I don't like about mine is the noise. It's hard to carry a conversation in the kitchen with one of these on full power. They are loud. I might suggest trying a "Dragon Tamer" -...