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    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    My new 7 foot wide Northstar Laredo SC taken on the Big Dune in southern NV last week. We ordered it without air conditioning; no microwave; no oven; no TV; no awnings; no backup camera; no entry door window; no rear bumper; sub-zero insulation; Euro View 2X pane windows; 320 watts solar; 12v...
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    Camper for the Cold

    We like our new Northstar Laredo SC hardside camper during the winter. It has the so called sub-zero insulation package (at extra cost) that has proved its effectiveness for us, at least down to +15 F a few days ago. For a mating pair of Californians, that-is-bone-chilling. Beyond the insulation...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    Cal, somehow I knew you were still in the game. Do you still have a wife? Yes, we just got home from Truck Camper Adventure's first Rally starting in Quartzite AZ and the 14 hard cores moving over the Bradshaw Trail. 53 TC's showed up for a well run Rally. Go to instagram and follow Truck...
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    Truck Camper Adventure Rally report, p. 2

    In September. We drove to the factory in IA to pick up our customized Northstar. It is a quantum leap over our 1998 Lance Lite 165-s which was built the same year as yours. Rex @ Nstar even said Lance made a very good product during that era, so keep fixing your up; it's worth it. The NS Laredo...
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    Truck Camper Adventure magazine's Rally at Quartzsite AZ

    Go up one forum to hard side truck campers to Mundo4x4casa's (jefe) description of the truck camper rally just completed. There were 53 truck campers of all stripes, from 1k pound pop ups to 16k pound, 3-slide monsters on RAM 5500's and Ford F-550's, with everything in between. Here's a pic of...
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    Truck Camper Adventure Rally report, p. 2

    The campers covered a wide swath of camperdum: these were the dirty dozen plus two lined up for the run on the Bradshaw Trail: the first one is Tim's Northstar 650 on a lifted, bullet-proof 2007 Duramax: Pres's long 2001 F-350 with utility bed and 9 foot Alaskan. The Classic. The inside is like...
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    Truck Camper Adventure rally report

    The description, 'happy camper' has been redefined. Truck Camper Adventure has finally lived up to its namesake. It was an adventure. A good time was had by all. Part one of this Rally had 53 truck campers of all descriptions meeting and camping at a huge BLM set aside area called Road Runner...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    Ken, yes, our '01.5 came with skidplates under the oil pan and one under the bolted to the trans. crossmember. However, hard as i tried, no rocks have ever kissed the skid plates: Pigs and driveshafts, yes. The driveshaft was irredeemable after going over the rock pile in a previous pic...
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    Truck Suggestions? Let's hear your TC hauler thoughts!

    Peter, keep us posted on your results. I like the way you have combined the tried-and-true, weight loss, with simpler systems. jefe
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    Trackhead, i wondered where you got off to. The shape and color of your old camper is now an icon on here. We are very happy with our choice of the Northstar Camper, even with its overweightness compared to the spartan Lance 165-s. Living in it on the road for almost 5 weeks cemented its...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    I have had a lot of hard core conversations with Peter, via PM. He knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. Visit his page for an interesting off-road history and viewpoint. We have not been out on the rough road since returning from our 8300 mile, 22 state purvey of fall...
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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    We live on the West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada a few miles from Marc's home. Since we have a hardside off-road truck camper, I have closely followed the complete conception, birth, rise, and fall of his XP Camper business. We were tempted early on to buy his product, but for the high price...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    Regcab, Mike @truckcamperadventure is sponsoring a no admission charge truck camper boondock near Quartzsite AZ this Feb. There are currently 43 TC's enrolled out of 50 slots. Since you are close, this could be you and I could finally get to meet you...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    We are home and the jacks are finally off. Remember, on the truck camper section of I was known as, "The King of the Jacks-off".
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    Campers to consider

    porkchop, an important consideration in finding a truck camper is: what is its weight? Most lightweight hard side truck campers are not lightweight. If you are using a 2500 truck you will have to beef up the rear suspension unless you are lucky enough to get the 'camper ready' version which has...