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    Campers to consider

    porkchop, an important consideration in finding a truck camper is: what is its weight? Most lightweight hard side truck campers are not lightweight. If you are using a 2500 truck you will have to beef up the rear suspension unless you are lucky enough to get the 'camper ready' version which has...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    A pass side shot last week of the new Northstar in a camping spot at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois: and some interior pix. Compare the NS Laredo SC to the Lance 165-s in terms of size. They have the same footprint. We just arrived home on the west slope of the northern Sierra Nevada after...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    Mike, with 8 leaves ( 3 upper overloads, 5 in main packs including a 2K pound helper spring); stable loads; anti sway bar; Rancho 9K shocks on the rear axle there is no need to drop the jax. I think using the jacks to lift the truck even a little bit is a bad idea. The wooden frame/composite...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    Yes, it's staying on the truck full time now. We chose to have no back window for privacy and insulation reasons. Awnings will just be ripped off by passing trees or rocks. This model is only 7 feet wide; exactly the same as our old Lance 165-s. The jax are Happy Jac's newest, sleekest, electric...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    We've been out 21 days on our Leaf Peeper Tour of the North East. We moteled it until we picked up the new Northstar. We stayed at friends homes; National Forest campgrounds; state park campgrounds; private campgrounds; boondocked; stealth camped; and find ourselves today in North...
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    Questions for off-road campers

    wing, a photo of your progress would be nice. I'm finding it difficult to visualize what you want to do. For starters, Ford pickup cabs sit a few inches higher than GM or RAMs. Whether this applies to E's, I don't know. You must be some fabricator. I'm not even sure this is the best forum for...
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    At the moment I'm a persona non grata in Klubb XTC. For the last 3 months and the first time in 18 years Jeanie and i have no camper. There is definitely something missing in our lives but this will change next month when we pick up our 2020 Northstar Laredo SC at the factory in Iowa ordered...
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    My latest TC trip report is here I tried to download it on here but ran into the 10K character limit and it flew into ether. So it's on TCA instead. jefe
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    PTO uses for travel

    My 2001.5 Dodge Cummins 2500 has a power takeoff access plate on the transfer case, but i'll never use it. Unless you are using the truck like a tractor, it's so old tech and terribly inefficient compared to newer tech. My 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40 came with a factory installed power...
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    Jefe's Truck Camper Trek over the White Rim Trail and failed attempt at the Needles district

    After my first attempt at posting this trip report here ended in the piece going into ether, ostensibly because it had more than 10k characters, it has been posted on Truck Camper Adventure instead. Here's the link.
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    I gave the piece to Mike @ Truck Camper Adventure to publish, but so far, no T.R. has been...

    I gave the piece to Mike @ Truck Camper Adventure to publish, but so far, no T.R. has been published.
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    Looking for advise: Upgrades needed for Ram 2500 to carry truck camper?

    Lots of ways to go here. If you indeed need a hard side camper, the Northstar Laredo SC (self contained) is under 2K pounds dry and has a lot of flexibility of features as each one is custom made and can be had for a short or long bed. If it's just you, you will love it. If it's you and a...
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    My new camper and truck ready for gnarly dirt roads

    Some of these are part of that very narrow band in the Burgess Shale, or should be.
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    Most capable, dependable, affordable truck camper truck?

    You left out one very important characteristic on your list: most trouble free and reliable. There are way too many variables in what you did list as important. More than a few on here will say what they wheel is the ticket. The way to TC nirvana is finding out YOUR real needs. WANTS will soon...
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    My new camper and truck ready for gnarly dirt roads

    O.K. it's humor, but we need some right now. We've been so into getting the weight down without loosing off road capabilities, this ad just popped out at me: It looks as if it has 2 propane tanks and a lot of storage. What is that jack holding up? Is that an E/W bed over the cab? I have...