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    Fuel Pump Test Plug

    I mean is it only designed for sensing voltage or can it also supply voltage to the pump, essentially act as a jumper and bypass the relay. So you've personally run 12v to that wire and it powers your pump as long as the pump itself is operating correctly?
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    Fuel Pump Test Plug

    I'm pretty sure my fuel pump relay crapped out, when I pull the plug off the pump and put a multimeter on it, no or little voltage is showing when I turn the key and crank it. When I hook the meter up to the test plug on the firewall I'm not getting voltage either. I checked on my other montero...
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    Coolant Leak Gen 2.5

    I'm trying to remember, but pretty sure the fan, shroud, belts, front cover have to come off to get to the wp. If you're that close to t-belt interval I would definitely do everything at the same time, might as well even do valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, wires, plenum gasket while you're that...
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    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

    That snorkel head is looking at me funny.
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    Montero Gen 2.5 Wanted

    Might want to post your location bud.
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    Gen 2.5 Hood won't pop and is stuck shut

    If it happens again, you should be able to get to the release through the grill, in an emergency, you could knock a hole in the grill to access the release.
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    What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

    Nice, I have an old Con-ferr rack on mine, but I'm trying to find a design I like to copy and make my own full length rack. That rhino rack design is pretty slick. I have seen some complaints about different load ratings for those racks though, as far as on road rating being different than...
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    What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

    Is that an aluminum roof rack with plastic gutter mounts? I haven't seen one like that before. Nice looking rig.
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    Early style compass reset

    I have a 97 and a 98 Montero, the compass on both can be reset easily, hold the S down until it spins, then slowly drive in a circle (backwards usually works well). I recently put this older center gauge pod on from a 94/95 because I like the look better, but the compass has been a pain to...
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    OIL COOLER? Should there be one? Oil leak maybe from oil filter housing bolts - GEN1

    Probably for the same reason I looped the oil cooler lines on my Gen2, new ones were $250 or so for the pair when I checked.
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    Another cool Cummins 4x4 single cab - toy hauler

    Perfect example of having too much money and no sense.
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    Gen 1 parts for sale

    It's a MD146946, so I believe it's a fed unit.
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    Gen 1 parts for sale

    I posted this in classifieds, but I'm not sure anyone actually checks there so I'll post here also (hopefully that's ok). I have some mostly Gen1 parts and some Gen2 parts stocked up that I'm selling if anyone is interested. Shipping available on everything. SOLD Gen 1 V6 AT ECU $120 Gen 1...
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    Gen 1 & Gen 2 Montero Parts

    I went through the garage and have these Montero parts for sale, shipping is available on everything. If something is in the pictures, but not on the list, it has been sold. Pickup is also offered in Idaho Falls. Thank you. Gen 1 V6 AT ECU $120 Gen 1 Rear Pillar trim vents $50/pair Gen 1 Rear...