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    Considering another Gen 2

    Try Mitsubishi Monteros USA. There's 5k members. MMUSA And if you are looking for a truck here's the MMUSA sale page. There was a 95 SR on there a couple of days ago. MMUSAE Sent from my...
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    Pajero Rear Door Weight Limit?

    That's a 37. The rack Carrie's a chainsaw offroad, and a 2 gallon rotopax. I cheated and filed the bolt holes on the tire carrier a smidge, so that the 37 rests on the bumper. You can feel it when you close the door, but it doesn't drag. And I've had that 37 on there for a couple/3 years and had...
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    What's your #1 Pick a Part item you want to find?? [emoji848]

    5.29 gears Sent from my pretty good android phone
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    B-Line Performance - Introduction

    Simple. Most Sport trucks are just appliances to their owners. They aren't owned by enthusiasts who need to spend $$$ on them for any performance upgrades. It's not discrimination, it's lack of demand. Sent from my pretty good android phone
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    1996 sr butterfly valve failure

    All of that can be correct. But until you get the head off, you're just guessing. Sent from my pretty good android phone
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    Body lift question

    Clean the gack off of the frame in the engine compartment. You'll see shiny silver tape over the holes. Add the 2" to the stack. When done, get two auto decks and cover the hole, helps keep grease out. Plus decals are a horsepower multiplier. Sent from my pretty good android phone
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    Buying Gen1 4dr Montero in 2020 - am I sane or not?

    Come on now, you can't be serious. You are either going to need to get one that has been monitored and service to almost aircraft standards, as Beryl's LWB has and pay for it accordingly. Luck out and find one that has maintained well. Or find the norm of one that the PO has let items get past...
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    Awning suggestions

    You have bought and used all 3 of these? Sent from my pretty good android phone
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    Parting Out 96SR

    So how much are you talking for picking it up in Atlanta? Sent from my pretty good android phone
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    Double negative

    Yes Sent from my pretty good android phone
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    V60 Bumpers

    Check your messages Sent from my pretty good android phone
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    shopping for off road camper can be confusing!

    I'd build one to suit your needs. A simple box with a framework for the RTT will be a good start. Sent from my pretty good android phone
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    🤔 Hood/ Bonnet Venting 🤔

    There has been some interesting discussions about this before, all over the Internets. Hood closed, forward motion pushes air through, hits firewall and goes past vehicle. Holes in the hood interrupts that flow, possibly taking away air flow. Otherwise, why don't they just do that from the...
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    Too narrow?

    Or, for that price, build a trailer to sell. Put it together with the right stuff, use it to finance a trailer more to your liking. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Emblem Assist

    Have you checked the dealer? From my understanding people haven't had good luck with the Ebay/Wish/Ayamabamayama ones. Size has been wrong, color is wrong, attachment points have been wrong. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk